10 things I love & hate

I have been nominated by my blogging buddy Laura to do this post. Laura has a beautiful and varied blog called Laura’s Lovely Things. You can find her 10 loves and hates here and this is her home page.

10 things I hate

Sad face


Passwords drive me completely crazy! I am terrible at remembering passwords, usernames security codes and memorable questions and all of this marlarky. My life demands that I know about 1000 of these.


Litter really annoys me. There is way too much of it everywhere and it is totally unnecessary. It is just pure laziness and lack of care for your surroundings. There is a grass area in front of my house and I sometimes snap and go and clean it up myself.


I have a bit of an intolerance to certain types of noise. Things that are louder than they need to be – the TV on too loud, music playing loudly, people talking too loud, people banging around, clanking cutlery, two types of music playing over each other, yappy toys. All of it jangles my nerves.


I don’t iron anything. I’m rubbish at doing it and barely have time to keep on top of the crazy amounts of washing my tribe generate. I only bust out the ironing board for a wedding or a job interview.


Everyone needs a rant every so often. It is necessary and therapeutic. What I can’t stand is people who do nothing but complain. I’m sure you know someone like this who’s default topic of conversation is to point out everything that is wrong – not in an attempt to find a solution but just to fill time. They drain the life out of me!

The clocks going back

This is not so much missing out on the extra hour in bed – my kids don’t care. I just don’t really understand the point of daylight saving time. I’d rather it got lighter later and was a tiny bit lighter at the end of the day. I hate picking up my daughter up from after school activities in the dark especially when it means walking with toddlers along busy streets it feels really dangerous (note to self buy reflective stickers for their coats!).


I think I am quite a tolerant person – I don’t hate people because they are different to me (foreigners, gay people, people of different religions or ethnicities). However there are so many loud intolerant voices forcing their bigoted views on me these days. There are certain news papers that I avoid like the plague because they paint a very unrepresentative picture of immigrants – scapegoating foreigners as the source of all problems. My husband is from South America and he does not in any way match up to the scrounging, criminal stereotype foreigner image that some people would have you believe in (here’s a post about the positives of being a mixed race family). I could actually write an essay on this one!


A little left field but bathmats really annoy me because no mater what I do (leaving them in the bath of hanging them up to dry) they always go mouldy and need throwing out – disgusting! Plus I have twins who I bath together so I need to buy extra long ones which are tricky to find.


I can’t even stand the smell of cucumber – it makes me want to wretch. I totally hate it.


February is my least favourite month of the year by far. The excitement of Christmas and new year are over. I always feel like the winter is really dragging on and I’m fed up of the cold and dark. I enjoy valentines day but not the other 27/28 depressing February days. Also in my husband’s home country it is carnival season so he gets really homesick and grumpy.

10 things I love Kindness

I love my husband and my children more than anything else in the world – here are 10 other things that I totally love.

Making things

I’ve always been creative and I completely love making things. I like to sew even though my skills are a bit limited. I love baking and doing crafts by myself and with the kids (here’s a little post about baking with toddlers). I make decorations for the house especially at Christmas. I really want to learn how to do screen printing next.


I totally love relaxing in a nice cafe. It’s great to sit for ages on my own with a coffee and a good book or to catch up on the papers. I also love taking my kids for cakes or having a catch up with a friend over coffee.

My Kindle

I got this for Christmas last year and absolutely love it. I have read so much more since getting this. I have it in my bag all the time so if I’m stuck in a queue I have a little read. I can see a book I like and download it straight away plus have a couple of books on the go at the same time.

Bacon sandwiches

I think a lot of people will agree that bacon sandwiches are amazing. I love the smell of the bacon cooking, especially for breakfast (even with a hangover!)


I love travelling and have been to lots of amazing countries and live in Ecuador. One place that stands out if Cuba. It is beautiful with amazing beaches and impressive buildings (some of them restored and some crumbling). The people were very welcoming. The country is completely fascinating and unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been. The highlight of our trip was finding a little backstreet salsa club and seeing the locals dancing (and joining in too).


I love going to Ikea! I like to go on my own as I love to take ages and look at absolutely everything. My favourite things are the small items and I love all of the Ikea hacks that you see on Pinterest. I took a day off work recently and went there for a whole day, it was like a holiday for me. Plus I love the meatballs!


I love a trip to a zoo or a safari park. I am just as excited as the kids see all of the animals. I especially like the modern ones that let you feed the animals and have them running free in areas that you can walk through. My two favourites are the South Lakes zoo (where we fed penguins and giraffes) and Woburn safari park (where monkeys jumped on our car).

Enthusiastic people

I love people who get over excited and enthusiastic about things like I have a tendency to do. This is why I love hanging out with my kids as they get really excited about things. I get a bit bored and frustrated with people who play it cool and are cynical (they probably can’t stand me either!)


I have been lucky enough to see some amazing West End shows like Les Miserable, Chicago and Phantom of the Opera. I haven’t been to a musical for years but I’m planning to start taking Sofia now that she is a bit older and she can be my musicals buddy – I’m thinking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory might be a good one to start with.


Colourful things just really cheer me up. One of the reasons I hate winter is the greyness. I wear coloured shoes a lot and have a bright red handbag. Sofia has a bright pink winter coat that makes me smile. My house has quite a lot of colour too either colourful walls (like my bright yellow kitchen ones) or colourful accessories.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this post. It was hard to narrow down the list of things I love to just 10 and good to have a rant about things that annoy me.

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5 thoughts on “10 things I love & hate

  1. Great lists, Sarah! I’m so with you on the ironing thing, our ironing board stayed in it’s packaging for two years after we moved into our house. My mum can’t understand how we don’t iron anything, but then I can’t understand why she irons pants! I love the thought of taking T to musicals too. We saw the Lion King a few years ago and it was incredible, that’s something I’d love to share with him.
    Helen | Wonderfully Average recently posted…Finding my blog-life balanceMy Profile

    1. Thank you I’ll look out for yours. Maybe I should add the Lion King to our list of must see musicals.

    1. Not sure I should actually admit to this but I’ve even bought a litter picker to use when cleaning up the grass in front of my house!

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