Toddler Tantrums Top Ten

If you have a toddler then you are guaranteed to have a plentiful supply of tantrums. The causes can be unique and bizarre. Here is the top ten random reasons to have a tantrum courtesy of Sam and Leo (aged 2 years 11 months)………………

1. I can’t work out how to get some ice cream onto my spoon.
2. You won’t let me play with my own dirty nappy.
3. I’m squeezing my carton of milk and then screaming when milk squirts on me.
4. The wind blew my dandelion clock before I could do it.
5. My sandwich came apart slightly and now I think it is broken and am crying and refusing to eat it.
6. You opened my biscuit wrapper for me (even though I was getting annoyed that I couldn’t do it).
7. You won’t let me sit in the drivers seat of the car.
8. You blew on my food to cool it down, I will now push it away and scream in disgust.
9. You are trying to switch my shoes over onto the correct feet.
10. You have put the rain cover on my pushchair to keep me dry.

Does this stop once they get out of their terrible twos?

What unusual things have made your toddler loose it?

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