37 things I know for sure

I was my birthday yesterday and I have reached the grand age of 37. I’m not going to get too hung up on the passing years. I still feel about 25 and think I probably always will. One of the things I appreciate as I get older is things that life has taught me over the years. I feel like I know myself better than I ever have done. I am so much more honest with myself than I was in the past. I think I’ve got to a point where I trust myself and my judgments and ideas. I guess the perfect combination would be to look like I did when I was 21 but know what I know now!

I thought it would be fun to start my 37th year with a roundup of 37 things I know for sure:

  1. Everything is better after a cup of tea
  2. If you focus on what you don’t have you will never feel like you have enough
  3. There are more good people in the world than bad (although the bad ones tend to get more attention)
  4. When you’re getting stressed just slow down and take a breath
  5. Life is too short for boring shoes
  6. Fake food never hits the spot
  7. Sometimes sleep is the answer
  8. If you have lost something tidy up
  9. Nothing beats seeing a friend in person
  10. Sometimes good enough is perfectly fine
  11. Some people complain about everything just to make conversation – they are best avoided.
  12. Feeling overwhelmed – Prioritise!
  13. Always try to be kind
  14. A good attitude makes the world of difference
  15. Being short on cash makes you more creative
  16. You are never too old to play
  17. When people treat you badly it says a lot about them
  18. Sometimes S**t just happens
  19. Sometimes what you need most is a hug
  20. Give your brain a break – write everything down
  21. People are usually too busy worrying about themselves to notice your short comings
  22. Laughing is good for your soul
  23. It is not selfish to put yourself first sometimes (especially when you have little kids)
  24. We are all winging it a lot of the time (some people are just better at hiding it)
  25. A bad moment doesn’t have to ruin your whole day
  26. When things are tough just take it hour by hour, or moment by moment if you have to.
  27. Listen to your body, especially if it is telling you you need a rest
  28. You adapt to things more quickly than you think you will
  29. Comparison is the thief of joy (even though it is really hard not to fall into the comparison trap)
  30. There is joy in everyday but sometimes you have to look really hard to find it
  31. Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups
  32. Always be honest with yourself
  33. The less stuff you own the easier it is to keep your house clean and organised
  34. Little steps in the right direction make a big difference (and are way better than grand plans that you never get started)
  35. Always try and really listen
  36. There are no stupid questions!
  37. The people in your life are more precious than anything you will ever own.

What do you know for sure?


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