8 Photos of Happiness

I’m was really pleased to be nominated by Angela from Days in Bed to choose my 8 Photos of Happiness.  It has been a real nostalgia trip going through my old pictures to do this.  After much deliberation here’s my final selection.

Ecuador 2002

I lived in Ecuador for a year in my early twenties and it is where I met my husband.  These were such happy adventurous days.  Unfortunately I have hardly any digital photos of this time to upload but I found this one of me from a weekend trip along the coast.

Me in Ecuador where I lived in 2002.
Me in Ecuador where I lived in 2002.

Dancing at our wedding

This is the first dance at our wedding. I can hardly believe that this was over 10 years ago now. I kicked off our shoes and dancing to salsa (we had practiced for about 10 minutes in our living room).

The first dance at our wedding
The first dance at our wedding


Rolando and I went on a trip around Cuba before we had children.  We rented rooms in peoples’ houses and found our hosts to be incredibly warm and hospitable.  It was a great way to get a glimpse into what life was like there.  It is like no other country I’ve ever been to – beautiful, fascinating and full of contradictions.

Our trip to Cuba in 2007
Our trip to Cuba in 2007

With my oldest friend Rosanna

When searching through my computer I found this lovely picture of my oldest friend Rosanna from a day out in Cambridge. We have known each other since we started at primary school and through all of life’s up and down since then.  This photo is from a day out in Cambridge in 2008.  I was pregnant with Sofia here.

A day out in Cambridge with Rosanna and Gianni.
A day out in Cambridge with Rosanna and Gianni.

Olympics 2012

This photo was taken in the Olympic park just before the final rehearsal of the opening ceremony where Rolando was performing. It was a real once in a lifetime opportunity for Rolando. I felt so lucky to get a sneak peak of Danny Boyle’s spectacular. I was about 5 months pregnant with the twins here.

With Rolando in Olympic Park for the Opening Ceremony Final Rehearsal
With Rolando in Olympic Park for the Opening Ceremony Final Rehearsal

Sam and Leo’s new born photo

I love this photo of Sam and Leo.  They were probably only a few days old here.  I’m going to show this picture to the boys when they are grumpy teenagers fighting with each other to remind them how close and adorable they where (and hopefully still will be!)

New born Sam and Leo 2012
New born Sam and Leo 2012

Beautiful photo of Sofia

I completely love this stunning photo of Sofia. It feels really special as it was taken in one of the ordinary moments of life hanging out in our living room.

Sofia age 4 years
Sofia age 4 years

Halloween, Toy Story

We love Halloween plus it’s my birthday so always a day for celebration in our house. We always go all out with the dressing up and I love thinking up a theme and putting together the costumes. This is us dressed up as the characters from Toy Story from last year.

Toy Story Halloween 2015

I would love to nominate some fellow bloggers to find their 8 photos of happiness (if you would like to).

Jo at Cold Tea and Dry Shampoo

Sarah at Taming Twins

Lucy at Occupation: (m)other

Kathryn at Momma Monkey

Rachel  at An Angel and Two Rainbows



7 thoughts on “8 Photos of Happiness

    1. Thank you! I loved doing this has taken me a long time as totally got lost in exploring old pictures. Look forward to seeing yours.

  1. Beautiful photos – especially those of the twins & Sofia, & of your wedding dance – You look so happy!

  2. Awww happy days indeed. I have so much respect for people that go all out at Halloween. My man is such a grump he refuses but who could resist matching Woody costumes 🙂

    1. Thank you it was so lovely to do this post. Hubby always takes a bit of persuading to get into the Halloween spirit – but my birthday is on the same day as Halloween so I get my way!

    1. I loved doing this post, really noce to find photos that I’d forgotten about. So funny to find photos where we are so young and doing lots of travelling – holidays are definately a bit different a bit less adventerous these days!

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