A birthday poem for my twins

I’ve been posting my favourite quotes every Wednesday and was trying to think about what to post as this weeks wise words.  By coincidence I stumbled across one of the boys old birthday cards (while looking for my internet login device last seen in the hands of a 3 year olds).

Camping holiday 2014

Here’s my (not necessarily very wise) words for this Wednesday, a little poem I wrote for Sam and Leo on their first birthday.

Since the arrival of our boys,

Our little house is full of toys.

Mum and Dad are not well rested,

Our coping skills have been tested.

I wouldn’t change it if I could,

Though an extra bedroom would be good.

Our family is now a party of five,

I drink lots of coffee just to survive.

Despite the chaos and the noise,

I love you Sam and Leo my gorgeous boys.

It makes me feel all sentimental coming across this again!  I hope you like it.

20 thoughts on “A birthday poem for my twins

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Yes – could easily switch coffee for wine. Although when the twins were little one sip would have me off my head drunk!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I was an occasional cappuccino in a café drinker before I had 3 kids now coffee pretty much owns me!

    1. Thank you! I’m going to try and do one for Sofia next. We only have a two bedroom flat which is a bit of a challenge but are just making the best of it. Twins are amazing! We just muddle through the chaos mostly.

    1. Thank you! We took the kids camping last summer and they just loved being outside all of the time. They were filthy by the end of the weekend (their favourite state).

    1. Thank you – so sentimental but thought it would be nice to share. Having twins is amazing despite the hard work (we have none in our family so they are a mystry to us).

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