A tough week

This week has definitely not turned out as planned. I had a week of annual leave from work and was hoping to have a relaxed and productive week (using the time when the kids were at school and preschool to get lots done and to chill out).

Then on Friday night Sam started repeatedly being sick. By Monday morning Leo was ill too and on Tuesday night the bug had caught up with Sofia. As well as the vomiting there was also other evil emissions to deal with! (I think you know what I mean). Looking after 3 sick kids this week has at times been a total shocker. My washing machine and dryer have been constantly on. I have cleaned and disinfected everything I can.

I was a bit teary by the end of the day on Tuesday when I realised that Sofia wouldn’t be able to perform in her dance show. She does weekly street dance classes and was due to do a performance on Wednesday night. She was a bit nervous about the idea of dancing in front of an audience to start with and I was really impressed by how she’s worked up the confidence to do it. I know there will be other dance shows but out of everything this upset me the most.

I’m also gutted that I had to put the boys back into nappies – it feels like all the hard work that we have done on potty training over the past month has been undone and we are starting from square one.

Rather than writing a post about how stressful and gross the week has been here’s a little round up of a few bright moments.

a tough week

Cambridge Botanic Gardens
On Sunday my Mum, Dad and my Sister came over and took Leo and Sofia to Cambridge Botanic Gardens. This is one of our favourite days out and it was great that the kids who weren’t unwell got to have a fun day and get outside.

Watching movies
As no one had any energy we have done a lot of cuddling up on the sofa watching kids movies. Me and Sam enjoyed Finding Nemo on Sunday. It was really special to just spend some one on one time with Sam, even if the circumstances weren’t great. We love this film! It looks beautiful it is full of love and friendship. My favourite part is the sea turtles, the kids find the seagulls hilarious. On more than one moment through this tough week I’ve found myself thinking “Just keep swimming!”

We all watched the original Disney Peter Pan. It was first released in 1953! There’s something magical about the old Disney Classics. A few bits that look a strange in the modern day – Captain Hook smokes a cigar and the pirates are all drinking. The references to the Red Men are not very culturally correct. Even so the kids enjoyed it and it made a sicky afternoon more enjoyable.

Sofia’s school trip
Sofia got to go on her school trip on Tuesday to a local wood where she learnt about the bronze age settlements. I was so relieved that she didn’t get the bug before she got to do this.

Home renovation
We are in the process of dividing up our biggest bedroom into two smaller rooms with a partition wall. This will make one bedroom for the twins and one for Rolando and I (finally I we will have our own bedroom again with out the twins in it!). Rolando worked so hard on Sunday to get the wall up (building a wooden frame, putting in insulation and finishing it with plasterboard). We’ve still got quite a lot to – get an electrician to install a new light and light switch, put in a door frame and door and paint and decorate both rooms. I’m planning to do a post about our new bedrooms when they are both finished.

Trip to IKEA
Rolando took care of the kids on Thursday so I could take a trip to IKEA. I love going to IKEA on my own, this is the mum of 3 equivalent of a spa break. I like to take ages browsing all of the room sets and stocking up on lots of bits and pieces. I think I was there for nearly 5 hours including my obligatory meatball lunch.  I bought loads of storage boxes (I’m slightly obsessed with these), a new duvet set for Sofia, a shelf for our bathroom, a nice light shade and a few other small bits and pieces.

Easter Hamper
The boys preschool held a Bingo night on Friday. I love making things and put together a really cute Easter Hamper to donate as a prize on behalf of my husbands company. I really hope whoever won it will enjoy it.

Easter Hamper

I would give this week a stressful rating of 9/10. Let’s hope that the coming week is a bit calmer and contains a lot less bodily fluids!

6 thoughts on “A tough week

  1. Oh no! it sounds like you had a similar week to me a couple of weeks ago. It sucks – best laid plans shattered for a horrible bug. I had to collect Roo from school again today, and despite him being totally fine, he can’t go in to school tomorrow! He’s allowed back on Wednesday as long as we’re all clear now! Ugh! H x
    Harriet from Toby & Roo recently posted…Make your Own Kinder EggMy Profile

  2. I love how you turned this into a positive. I hope your week is better this week! Emily has been poorly too, it seems like there is a lot of different bugs going around at the moment, get well soon little ones!
    Stephanie recently posted…Emily’s 18 Month UpdateMy Profile

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