A very busy December

Have you noticed that things have been a bit quiet in Twins Make Five land recently. I thought I better explain the radio silence. Every year I get a few days into December and get struck down by December overwhelm! I look at all the stuff in my diary and my lists of things to do. Then I have to take a few deep breaths. I’m quite a spontaneous person and I get a bit stressed out when I’m over scheduled.

So this month I have 3 kids parties, two work celebrations, three carol concerts, 2 Christmas jumper days, the School Christmas Fair, Sofia’s dance show, a trip to London……………………

In a moment of insanity I started repainting the boys bedroom. Then in a second moment of insanity I decided to take part in Vlogmas.

Vlogmas is a YouTube Challenge. The idea is that you post a Christmas related video everyday throughout December. I thought it would be a fun project to do with Sofia. We have a family tradition of doing a Christmas activity so our videos will feature our activity each day. We are 7 videos in and are having loads of fun. It is more time consuming than I thought it would be. It is like a crash course in video making and editing and we are learning loads. Hopefully you will see our videos get more and more professional looking as we head towards Christmas day.

Here is my favourite Vlogmas video so far – when we took the kids to see reindeers.

I think now we are a bit into December I’ve chilled out. After all the Christmas events that we have going on are lovely. I think I just need to live in the moment and take each festive event as it comes – mulled wine will also help!

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