April bucket list

March round up
I feel that March kicked our ass! We had lots planned but then all of the kids had a horrible stomach bug one after the other – a domino rally of grossness (I blogged about it in A Tough Week).

April bucket list image

Things from our March bucket list that we did do were:

Decorating tote bags – this is one of my efforts (reflecting a phrase that I constantly hear as a twin mum).

Tote bag

Making chocolate lollies – this is a really nice way to use up excess Easter chocolate, we’ve done these twice now.  In the picture you can see we put them directly onto a backing tray and they were a bit hard to get off.  The second time we did this we put them onto a silicon sheet which worked much better (you could also use parchment paper).

Chocolate lollies

Putting up Easter decorations – this is our Easter tree

Easter tree

Taking Sofia to see Zootropolis – this film was amazing (here’s our mummy and me Zootropolis review)


One exciting thing we have achieved in April is our home renovation – dividing up our biggest bedroom into two separate rooms. I’m really pleased that we persevered with this through the illness week even if it was a bit stressful. We finally have our own bedroom! This is a very big deal (after having the twins in our bedroom for 3.5 years). It’s not quite at the pretty stage of the process yet but when we are I’ll post some photos and a little write up of what we’ve done.

We really enjoyed Easter this year even though the weather was a bit wet. I love that Easter is quite a relaxed and stress free holiday – just buy lots of chocolate and every one is happy! We had two days at my parents house in Coventry. The kids love visiting their Grandparents as there is a big park and a playground right in front of their house and because they got way more chocolate that I would have let them have!

Twins in the park

On Easter Sunday we to the Wildlife photographer of the Year exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery. The kids all love animals so they were very excited to see the gorgeous pictures (although I’m not sure the serious arty type were quite ready for two 3 year olds, fuelled by too many Easter eggs losing their minds over a penguin photo).

April plans

Date night attempt number 2
Sadly Rolando and I didn’t make it out for a date night in March so this is something that we will try and sort out in April. We’d both like to see the Eddie the Eagle movie so it would be great to have a trip to the cinema.

Finish off our home renovations
There are still quite a lot that we still need to do to get this project completely finished:
• Get an new light installed in twins bedroom
• Move our light and light switch.
• Finish preparing the walls, paint them and put up coving
• Paint the door and add a handle

One thing I’m completely loving in April is a book by Marie Kondo called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. It details a system of dealing with your possessions called KonMari. It has completely inspired me so this month I have started on a radical KonMari declutter of our house. My favourite thing so far is a way of storing your clothes so that you can see everything that you have. I think it will take me a couple of months to go through everything and really do it properly. So far I’ve sorted through the kids and my clothes and already have 6 bin bags of clothes to donate.

Reward system
I’m working on a DIY reward system for the kids – I really want to find a way to highlight the lovely things that the kids do. I’ll do a blog post about this when it is finished and in action.

123 Magic
I’ve heard about this American parenting system from a few people, including a fellow twin mum. I decided to give it a try and bought two DVDs from the states which have finally arrived. We have watched the first one about how to deal with challenging behaviour and it really had some good advice. We still need to watch the second one to watch about encouraging positive behaviour. I’m really interested to see how we can put the advice into action. I’ll do a blog post about how we get on.

What have you got planned for April?

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