Banking reform designed by a 7 year old

My 7 year old daughter has a very vivid imagination which often takes us on fabulous wanders down bizarre trains of thought. Chatting to her yesterday she came up with the following design for a bank. There are a few details still to be worked out but I think she could be onto something.

Pound sign

The banking system is based on kindness. If a person who has been kind to other goes to the bank they can get up to £100. If a nasty person goes to the bank the most that they can withdraw is 1p.

The bank is staffed by money fairies (we’d have to figure this bit out). The money is kept in boxes guarded by lots of dogs (kind of canine based regulation).

I wanted to know what the system was for checking if a person has been kind or nasty. This was my daughter’s idea. You have lots of owls who fly everywhere at night checking on what people are up to.

I asked her how we would figured out if people were being kind during the daytime. She decided there could be a unicorn who made magic dust with his horn. This dust was sprinkled into a snow globe and you gave it a shake. This showed you a little video clip of what a person had been doing.

I realise surveillance owls and unicorns might present a few civil liberties challenges but we can iron out the finer details. If we can figure out how to give a person a credit rating we can probably work out a workable kindness rating system.

If you had been judged to be unkind and therefore not eligible to make a withdrawal you have the option of going away and doing something kind to make amends. You can then return to get some cash.

My daughter decided the bank should be called the Bank of Good Hearts (I’ll admit this is a bit cheesy but it would definitely make a good logo). We’d have to send all of the bankers on in depth kindness training. They might like it as it would clean up their some what tarnished public reputation.

It’s a bit out there but I overall I think it is inspired. Basing your banking system on packaging up sub prime lending is also a bit hard to imagine and someone thought that was a good idea once so in comparison it doesn’t seem that far fetched.

How about it Mr. Osborne?

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16 thoughts on “Banking reform designed by a 7 year old

  1. The vivid imagination of a child. My daughter likes to sing and make up her own words to well known songs. There has been a few times she has come home from school singing something, make up the words as she goes; while I can hear my husband laughing. My daughter will then be asking why he’s laughing. He will reply that he’s laughing at her silly songs.

    She cracks my up so much. I know she is having fun at bed time when I hear her singing and coming out with crazy lyrics.

    Ang Xx
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    1. I let Sofia read this post on my blog and she was so proud that I’d posted her idea.

      Sofia was sitting next to me when I was checking your blog and she saw a photo of Slyvia (the one with the coats I think) and she said look mummy she looks just like me except with curly hair. I thought it was so sweet.

    1. Thank you. You definately have that to look forward to. It’s great to get to take a little trip along with her imagination – totally more fun than talking to some adults!

    1. We have so many of these types of conversations – in our imaginations we have pet unicorns, magic icecream vans, story book land and go on imaginary superhero missions.

    1. Thank you – I’d enjoy going to the bank if I got to see unicorns (instead of finding it a pain!)

    1. Thank you! My daughter was so proud when I showed her that and posted this and read the comments back to her.

    1. Thank you, my daughter was so proud I posted this. I love linking up to your linky (just quite disorganised!)

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