Blogtober day 12 – a birthday letter to my twins

Hello welcome to day 12 of Blogtober. This is my challenge to write a new blog post everyday on a given topic. Today I’m going to cheat a little bit. My title for today was supposed to be “What is in your handbag” however I’m going to switch this for a title from another day “A letter to someone.” The reason for bending the rules is that today is my twins birthday and I really like the idea of writing a birthday letter for them both.

Dear Sam and Leo,

I can hardly believe that you both turn 4 today. What a 4 years we have all had together. It really has been a roller coaster. We have come such a long way together and you have changed our lives in the 4 years that you have been part of our family. Not so long ago I was worried that you were not talking very much now you are little chatter boxes. You say the funniest things and make me laugh every single day.

Leo you are super cuddly and like to climb up onto my lap for a big hug – you are like my little teddy bear. You love it when I read you stories. You are our little dancer and love to groove away to any type of music. You make us laugh our heads off by wiggling your bottom while singing the little song that you have made up that goes “Belly, belly, bottom.” Your favourite colour is orange and you have a bright orange t-shirt with “HAPPY” written on it that you would wear every day if we let you.

Your current catchphrase is “You’re confusing me” sometimes said in frustration but quite often said with a big smile on your face. You are keen to try new foods and love to gobble up any type of fruit. You ask me really funny questions my recent favourite “Is Darth Vader ticklish?”


You are a little bit cautious with new situations or people that you don’t know. You talk to adults in a little quiet voice even though you can be really loud at home. You shout so loudly if you get frustrated. It makes me so happy to see you join in at your weekly dance class even if it takes you a little while to get into it sometimes.

You love to pretend to be a puppy and crawl around the house making a funny squeaking noise (this drives Sofia a little bit crazy).

You can be so sociable and adventurous. You will often go up to other children to say “Hi I’m Sam and this is Leo” When someone in a shop asked you how old you were recently you surprised them by saying “I’m 36!” New situations rarely phase you. You always have a cheeky look on your face like you are up to something. I’m always catching you trying to sneak things out of the pantry or the fridge (this is why we now have locks on both). You also crawl into the little cupboard underneath the kitchen sink and call it your little house.

You love animals especially our neighbours cat called Tails. You are definitely a fan of dogs and like to pretend that Leo is your pet puppy.


You are always jumping off things. Luckily you have an incredible sense of balance. You sit upside down on the sofa with your legs stretched up the sofa back. You do a kind of upside down flip to get down. I always think you could be an amazing gymnast.

You are a bit of a tech fan. You are always trying to get hold of my phone to take photos (I delete hundred of your pictures every day). You love to play Pokemon Go and are surprisingly good at catching Pokemon.

Your catch phrase at the moment is “But I want to” usually shouted in response to me telling you not to do something.

It is such a joy and privilege to watch your friendship grow. You are the best of friends and are always giggling and messing around together. You always chat to each other when you wake up in the morning. It makes me laugh hearing you debate if it is still night time or time to get up.


When you are together and it goes quiet I know that you are up to something. A few weeks ago I went into your room at night and you had disappeared. I was a bit freaked out then I discovered you had both crawled under Sam’s bed and fallen asleep there.

You have your squabbles over silly things pretty much everyday but you are also very protective of each other. If one of you gets bumped by another child the other will jump in to make sure you are okay. It melts my heart when you spontaneously run up to each other for a big hug. I love to hear you encouraging and congratulating each other, saying “You can do it” and “Well done, clever boy”.

It blows my mind that this time next year you will have already started school. Enjoy every moment of being four years old, I look forward to sharing lots more funny moments and adventures. We love you both more than I can ever explain now and always.

Love from Mummy, Papi and Sofia xxx

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