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This month I have decided to do something a little bit different. I’ve joined up with a group of bloggers to do the Blogtober challenge. The idea is to publish a new blog post every day in October. There are 31 titles to work through one for every day. This is definitely going to be big challenge for me. I usually publish a new post 2 or 3 times per week.

Here’s a little introduction for people who are visiting my blog for the first time as part of Blogtober.

Who am I
My name is Sarah and I’m married to Rolando. I am mum to an 8 year old daughter Sofia and 3 year old twin boys, Sam and Leo. I describe our lifestyle as (mostly) happy chaos. I work part time as a HR Manager and Rolando runs his own carpentry business. It is pretty hectic! We live just outside of Cambridge.

Me looking a bit smarter than I normally do! This is the Cutty Sark in London

Some random facts about me:

  • I love hula hooping and do it every day
  • We speak English and Spanish at home (my husband is originally from Ecuador)
  • I can’t spell to save my life – spell checker is my best friend
  • I’m also obsessed with de-cluttering
  • I would sell my soul for a lie in!
  • My birthday is on the same day as Halloween
  • I spend my days shouting “Go and put your pants back on!” To my nudity obsessed boys and drinking cold cups of tea.

Twins Make Five
My blog is all about sharing our experiences as a family of five. I like to document what we get up to and the funny moments that happen. It will an amazing record to look back on when the kids are older. I also find myself writing posts that are about what I think is going on in the world – writing it down is a bit therapeutic in a way.

October plans
I can’t believe it is October already! I’m not naturally the biggest fan of autumn. Mainly because I love summer so much and feel sad that it is over. This year I’m really going to try and find things to love about autumn.

October is a big birthday month for us. The twins will turn 4 and it is my birthday on 31st. It is also my best friend and my mum’s birthdays.

I love Halloween and dressing up. Here’s a little round up of our family Halloween costumes from the past few years. I’m busy working on a costume idea for this year.

Our big cat themed halloween

Good luck Blogtober bloggers!
I’m really looking forward to reading everyone else’s Blogtober posts. Fingers crossed I can keep up!  Good luck everyone!


4 thoughts on “Blogtober Challenge

  1. Welcome to #Blogtober16, we shall have to celebrate with virtual cake on 31st!
    I can relate to chaos, because that is exactly how I describe us, and what is it with boys and nudity, I must say “put your pants on” at least five times a day, thankfully its only the two little ones and not the 11 and 16 year old boys! I am looking forward to getting to know you as the month progresses xxx

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