Blogtober day 10 – One thing I can’t live without

Welcome to day 10 of my Blogtober challenge. The title that I’ve been given to write about today is “One thing that you couldn’t live without.”

This question has got me a foxed. I’ve been pondering on this all day. I’ve thought of a few things that I love. But if I really pushed myself I could probably get used to not having them.

The internet
What did we do before we could google everything?! My daughter is a bit horrified to know that the internet didn’t exist when I was a kid. I remember first using the internet when I was about 15 when I visited my sister who was studying at university. When I got my first house aged 22 I didn’t have broadband and had to go to the library to get online. These days I’m a total sucker for a YouTube tutorial. I learnt how to set up this website from a YouTube video, how to use my sewing machine, how to put up a tent and braid my daughter’s hair……..the list is endless. In fact why did I spend thousands on going to university when everything useful I know how to do came from the internet! I could probably live without the internet but it would be a lot more effort!

A cuppa has got me through hundreds of stressful moments. I don’t think it is the tea itself I making a cup of tea and sitting down to drink it gives me a little break. Where there is tea there is hope! I actually feel a bit panicked if I run out of tea bags when I am at home with the kids and can’t easily get to the shops. I love this quote from Caitlin Moran.


If I really had to I could live without tea but I’d be very grumpy and stressed and not very nice to be around!

I feel like gratitude is the closest thing you get to magic as an adult. Being grateful has had a magical impact on my life and outlook. I have been really interested in the power of gratitude for quite a while now. I read an amazing book called the Gratitude Diaries, that looked at the power of gratitude and the science behind it. I have a quote written on my bathroom wall (in front of my toilet so I can see it every time I sit on the loo!)

Gratitude turns what you have into enough

I have found this to be true in so many ways. I keep a gratitude journal with my daughter and we write down things we are grateful for every day. I would love if I could teach my kids to have their own gratitude habits. I also keep a little gratitude list in the notes function on my phone that I look at and add to in spare moments. Reading this list gives me a boost if I’m a bit stressed or down. Looking for things that I am grateful for has made me pay more attention, to focus on the positive things in my life. It makes me less likely to get caught up in a cycle of always wanting more. It makes me see my blessings rather than compare what I have to others. In a way it feels like a bit of an insurance policy against our consumer driven culture. It makes me appreciate the wonderful people that I have in my life, my husband, my 3 kids and my friends.

If I really had to I could give up the internet and drinking tea but I don’t think I could live without my gratitude habit.

What couldn’t you live without? Have you discovered the magic of gratitude?

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