Blogtober day 11 – My favorite type of animal

Hello it is day 11 of Blogtober! My challenge is to publish a blog post every day throughout October. The title I’ve been give today is “Your favorite type of animal”.

This is an easy one for me I am a dog fan all the way! We didn’t have a dog growing up, although I desperately wanted one. I used to dream of finding a lost puppy and I persuading my mum to let me keep it. Whenever we were walking in the street I used to keep my eyes peeled trying to spot a stray dog to rescue!

Rex the Boxer
When I first met my husband Rolando he had a Boxer puppy called Rex. We were living in Ecuador at the time. To this day he is the best dog I have ever met. He had such an amazing temperament, very playful and fun. We used to take him for runs on the beach to tire him out. Sadly Rex escaped from Rolando’s mums house one day, got into a neighbor’s house and ate some rat poison. Rolando desperately tried to make him be sick but he died. We were both completely devastated.

Not the best quality photo but this is Rex the Boxer
Not the best quality photo but this is Rex the Boxer

Miller the Labrador
Next Rolando and I bought a Labrador puppy. We called him Miller (as my husband likes the author Henry Miller). He was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn’t walk down the street without people stopping to stroke him and telling me he looked like the Andrex puppy. When we very first got him he used to cry and cry in the night. It was like having a newborn baby. We quickly learnt that he needed an incredible amount of exercise to wear him out and make him sleep.

This isn’t a photo of our labrador puppy (I can’t find a digital image of Miller) but he looked very like this.

Miller was a bit of a handful. He didn’t tend to do anything that he was told. If we left him on his own Miller was quite destructive. He savaged my Spanish dictionary one day and in another unfortunate incident he ate some leftover Chinese food out of the bin. It didn’t agree with his stomach we returned to a very messy situation to clean up. I was working as an English teacher at the time and I often used to take Miller to work with me. The students loved him and it stopped him trashing our house. When I moved back to the UK I had to leave Miller behind with Rolando. In turn when Rolando came to live here we gave Miller to Rolando’s Dad. Miller is no longer with us but I do remember him very fondly.

Our lifestyle at the moment doesn’t really suit having a dog. We are always either out with the kids or working so it wouldn’t be fair to leave a dog at home on its own for long periods of time. I will definitely have a dog in the future. I would like something quite small and cute like a Cocker Spaniel. Rolando would definitely choose a big tough looking dog. Maybe we could compromise and get another Boxer although I’m not sure we could ever replace Rex.


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