Blogtober day 14 – the meaning behind my blog name

Hello it is day 14 of my Blogtober challenge. The topic I have been given to write about today is the meaning behind my blog name.

I wanted a name for my blog that referred to us having twins because I think having twins makes our family a little bit different. I knew that some of the content on my blog was going to be about what it is like to have twins. However I really wanted my blog name to include all of the members of our family as well. My first idea was “Party of Five” but then a remembered that it was the name of an old TV show and I thought that there might be some copyright problems. The name Twins Make Five popped into my head when I was cooking dinner and I just really liked the sound of it.

The meaning behind my blog name
This is the five of us with Toy Story themed Halloween costumes. It was taken a couple of years ago.

The only slight problem with my blog name is lots of people think it means that I have 5 children (people on twitter are always tweeting me to ask what it is like to have 5 kids). I always have to explain that 5 means that we are 3 kids and 2 adults.

At the moment I’m really happy blogging about family life but maybe when the kids are older I might want to broaden out the type of content that I write about. I think when I get to that point I will probably change my blogs name.

The next thing I would like to do on Twins Make Five is get a really cool header designed. I’m really after something fun that captures our life of happy chaos.


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