Blogtober day 15 – a timeline of my day

Hello, welcome to day 15 on my Blogtober Challenge. The topic that I have been given to write about is a timeline of my day.

My week days are split into office days (2 days per week) and 2 days that are all about the kids. Plus I have one day when I work from home in the morning and hang out with the kids in the afternoon. I thought it would probably make most sense to do a quick round up of my two typical types of days as they are quite different from each other.



A typical work day (2 days per week)

  • Get up early at about 6.15 (although I find it a bit of a struggle to get up on these cold dark mornings).
  • Hula Hoop for 10 minutes, have a quick shower, get dressed, blow dry my hair.
  • Eat breakfast – usually cereal and toast.
  • Cycle to work – I aim to leave by 7.00 or 7.30 at the latest. Cycling to work is my equivalent of having a gym membership, it is about 6 miles from my house to the office so is a good workout.
  • Work, work, work – this usually involves meetings, talking with colleagues, responding to emails and working on various projects.
  • I get away from my desk to quickly eat my lunch – I usually get food from the works canteen (they do a great lasagna).
  • More work in the afternoon
  • Because I only go into the office twice a week I work long hours on my office days – I usually end up getting kicked out by the security guard!
  • Cycle home again – this is really lovely in the summer but is a bit cold and dark in the winter. I like that my cycle journey gives me time to think over things that have happened during the day and it is a nice break between the office and home.
  • I usually get home around 8.00ish, the kids might still be awake (it depends on how organised Rolando is as he is in charge of bedtimes on my office days) so I might still get to read bedtime stories. Sometimes the kids are already in bed by the time I get home.
  • 8.30ish I have a late dinner (reheating whatever Rolando has cooked earlier for the kids).
  • In the evening I work on my blog, do my hula hooping, watch TV and chat with Rolando.
  • 12.00 Go to bed – I always stay up too late, it’s a really bad habit but I just feel like I need a bit of time to chill out in the evening.

A day when I’m not working – all about the kids!

  • I wake up at 7.30, any later than this and the school running descends into total chaos because we don’t have enough time to get ready.
  • Get everyone up.  Between us Rolando and I sort out everyone’s breakfast, persuade the boys to use the toilet and get dressed (easier said than done!), chivy Sofia along, make sure everyone has the right lunch and kit. Sometimes it looks like we are going on a mini break we have so much stuff!
  • 8.30 Head out to school. Rolando and I tend to do the school run together.
  • 9.30 Get home again. After the chaos of the morning I have a nice relaxed breakfast, usually a fried egg or bacon sandwich and a big cup of coffee. This is probably the most relaxing bit of the day!
  • The time the boys are at preschool goes really quickly. I use this time to have a shower, quickly clean up the house, do bits and pieces on my blog, do boring life admin stuff. Sometimes I will meet a friend for coffee. Occasionally if I am really tired or feel like I’m getting run down I will go back to bed for an hour.
  • 11.30 Head out to collect the boys from preschool at 12.00
  • In the afternoon I hang out with the boys. Once a week I take them out for lunch at our local garden centre.  On Fridays I take them to a dance class.
  • 3.30 Head out with the boys to collect Sofia from school, usually popping into our local supermarket on the way home to pick up bits and pieces that we need. One day a week I take the kids to afterschool club at our church where they do crafts and play games. On another day Sofia has a street dance class.
  • 5.00ish I cook dinner – this has the potential to be a bit of a stressful point of the day as the kids tend to use the time I’m cooking to cause chaos. I often let the kids watch TV or let Sofia play on the computer to keep them out of trouble.
  • 5.30 – 6.00 I eat dinner with the kids. The time between dinner time and bedtime is total rush hour!
  • 7.00 I get everyone ready for bed – doing baths and showers (not every day), getting everyone to put their pyjamas on (another potential battle). Rolando might be back from work at this point and will get stuck in with the bedtime mission.
  • 7.30 I read the boys a story before settling them down to sleep.
  • 7.45 I have some time to hang out time with Sofia. It is good to give her my full attention. I read her a story or maybe a chapter of a longer book. We like Roald Dahl and have just discovered David Walliams. We sometimes also have a hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  • 8.15ish Sofia heads to bed.
  • For the rest of the evening I hang out with Rolando, watch TV, work on my blog, faff on social media some more, do some hula hooping and generally chill out.
  • 12.00 Go to bed.

Phew this sounds a bit exhausting now I’ve written it all down – this is why I drink a lot of coffee!

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