Blogtober day 17, My favourite concert

Phew I’ve made it to day 17 of my Blogtober Challenge (just managed to hit publish five minutes before midnight). My title I’ve been given today is “Favourite concert you have attended.”

This is a tricky one to decide. I have seen some amazing artists (mostly before I’ve had kids). I’ve seen some proper Brit pop era type of bands:

  • Blur – I was literally buzzing for days afterwards
  • Suede – the first proper gig I went to, I lost my friends and ended up po-going away with a
  • Elastica – I was bought the tickets for my birthday which I was so amazed by
  • Manic Street Preachers – the first gig I went to at university

I’ve also seen some proper pop acts:

  • Kylie Minogue – lots of bling and costume changes
  • Jason Donovan – I think this was in his off the rails druggie days, he looked terrible!
  • Beyonce – she was breathtaking, such an unbelievable full on performer
  • Robbie Williams – when he was at the peak of his solo career, he was quite naughty and sweary.

For my favourite concert I’ve decided to go way back to my first concert – the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party! It was the early 90’s. I went with a friend from school, her sister and her mum, it might have been her birthday treat. The details are a little bit hazy (and google is not proving very helpful at filling in the factual details). The things that stands out is how unbelievably excited I was!


I’m pretty sure the presenter was Philip Schofield. I clearly remember Kris Kross performing their song Jump, mainly because everyone was jumping so much the seating was shaking – I was a bit scared it was going to fall down. East 17 also performed – I think they might have won best band. Michael Jackson appeared on a video link.

I had a little pin badge that said “Smash Hit’s Poll Winners Party, I was there where were you?” which I wore with pride afterwards.

So cheesy as it sounds I’m going to choose the Poll Winners Party as my favourite concert experience.


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