Blogtober day 18 – what’s your zodiac sign and does it fit

I’ve got to day 18 of my Blogtober challenge. I’ll be honest It is getting a little trickier to keep up (I’ve been full of cold, life is quite busy and one of my boys is unwell). The topic that I’ve been given today is “Your zodiac sign and does it fit?”

Well this is awkward – I don’t believe in horoscopes and never read mine. It doesn’t make sense to me that your personality and character traits is based on where the stars were when you were born. In a lot of ways I believe the twists and turns of your life are a combination of random chance, being open to opportunities and your own effort and attitude.


My star sign is Scorpio represented by a scorpion. I’m actually quite scared of scorpions! It used to totally freak me out when I encountered them when I lived abroad. A quick google search suggests that Scorpios are supposed to be:

  • Mysterious and they keep their emotions hidden
  • Intuitive and adaptable
  • Strong willed and determined
  • Competitive
  • Dominant, controlling and passionate
  • Do not easily forgive but also never forget an act of kindness

There are a few things in here that sound like me. I am quite adaptable and think I cope easily with change. I also think I am quite good at reading situations. I can be very determined when I put my mind to something.

However I don’t identify myself as ultra competitive – I like to push against my own limits but I’m really not interested in beating other people. I definitely wouldn’t say I am dominant or vengeful either. It is totally not my style to hold a grudge. I don’t think I’m mysterious either – I wear my heart on my sleeve a lot of the time especially with people that are close to me.
I’m guessing that you could probably pick and choose bits from any sign that relate to you.

Are you a believer in horoscopes, getting annoyed that I think they are rubbish?!


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