Blogtober day 19 – My ten favourite foods

Hello again, welcome to day 19 of Blogtober challenge, or is it day 400 now?! For the challenge I’m given a new blog title every day during October.

My title today is My 10 favourite food. It is a deceptively simple title. There are loads of things that I love to eat. Trying to get down to a list of 10 favourites is a bit harder than I thought it was going to be!

Bacon sandwich – I bloody love bacon! The best bacon sandwich is made with toasted bread and melted butter.

Pancakes with maple syrup – I make this breakfast for my kids on their birthdays and occasionally as a nice dessert after dinner.

Homemade pizza – we make a mean pizza in our house it beats every takeaway hands down. I like chicken, chorizo, onions and red pepper with lots of oregano and black pepper.

Chilli and red wine pasta – I cook this for me and Rolando when the kids are in bed because they don’t like the spice and the wine time. It is very vaguely based on a river cafe recipe.

Pulled pork – I’m such a carnivore and love pulled pork. I’ve tried to cook it a few times and it has taken ages and come out really dry. I keep meaning to find a good recipe that I can do in the slow cooker.

Apple crumble with custard – my mum always used to make apple crumble when we were kids as we had an apple tree in our back garden. I like to put lots of cinnamon in it and sprinkle lots of brown sugar on top.


Anything lemon flavoured – I love the zingy, fresh taste of anything lemon flavoured. I could also happily wolf down lemon drizzle cake, lemon tart and lemon cheese cake.

Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat – as I’ve got older I’ve got more picky about chocolate. I don’t really like cheap, sweet chocolate as much as I used to. I can easily pass up a Galaxy bar these days. I don’t like really dark bitter chocolate either. I love boxes of Hotel Chocolat chocolates! They are totally my favourite brand of chocolates. None of them are over sweet and the dark chocolates are not bitter either. If anyone wants to take this as a massive hint for my birthday in a couple of weeks time that is totally fine with me!

Cranberry cheese with crackers – when I was pregnant I could easily eat a selection box of crackers on my own! I totally love Wensleydale with Cranberries not just at Christmas either I could eat it any time.

Posh crisps – I’m such a sucker for posh crisps like Kettle Chips. I know that they are expensive and a bit pretentious but I can’t get enough of them.



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