Blogtober Day 2, an old photo of me

As part of my Blogtober challenge I’ve been given a topic to write about each day in October. Today’s title is “An old photo of me”.

I’ve chosen this picture from 2003. It was taken in a magical place in Ecuador called Vilcabama, a really beautiful valley in the Andes Mountains. I only have this photo as a print (it was taken way before we all had digital cameras), this scanned version doesn’t really do it justice!

vilcabamba Ecuador

When I was 21 years old I lived in Ecuador for a year working as an English teacher. It is where I met my husband. This photo was actually taken during a holiday to back to Ecuador after I’d moved back to live in the UK. I found returning to live in England a bit tough. I was broke, after having an amazing travelling adventure I moved back into my parents house. It was a bit of a come down to be back in my childhood bedroom. I got a job working as a sales administrator for a small engineering company. I worked with some lovely people but it was not really the exciting career I was aspiring to. I was really keen to go back to Ecuador to visit as quickly as I could.

I love this photo as it reminds me of the sense of optimism and possibility I was feeling in this moment. I was really happy to discover a truly beautiful place and to be back in a country that I loved. I was crazy in love. I also had a job interview lined up for just after I flew home for a really exciting job. I felt really positive as I looked out over these beautiful mountain scenery. I remember telling myself good things are about to happen.

I have this photo in a frame on my living room wall. It reminds me of my young adventurous spirit. I find I sometimes get lost in the busyness and chaos of having 3 young children and juggling everything that comes with being a working mum. This photo makes me think bigger and see the amazing possibility in the world.


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