Blogtober day 22 My biggest accomplishment

I’m taking part in Blogtober where I’ve been set the challenge to publish a post every day on a topic that I have been given. I can’t believe I have made it to day 22 already! Today’s title is my biggest accomplishment. I’ve been pondering all day what to choose as my number one achievement.

I feel like surviving the first year with twins and an older child is something that I’m proud of. It was the most intense and crazy 12 months of my life with a lot of highs and lows. Just getting the kids to preschool and school on time with all the right kit feels like an achievement most days!

My kids are my proudest achievement and make me proud everyday.  If I had to pick an achievement outside of raising my family it is running the London Marathon in 2010.

I ran the marathon to raise money for Unicef. I also did it to get in shape after having my daughter (I have a bit of an all or nothing personality). Unicef are an amazing charity that does so much good work around the world. I worked my socks off to reach my sponsorship target organising bake sales, collections and selling things online. I raised a final total of just over £2000.


On race day I felt that I had to do the charity and the people who had sponsored me proud. It felt amazing to finish the course. If I’m really honest I am a tiny bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to run the whole way and really struggled in the final few miles. My experience of running a marathon was definitely on a parr physically and mentally with childbirth. I had prepared well physically but I struggled during the race with how mentally tough you need to be to keep going. I lost the plot and started crying when I saw my dad in the crowd at about mile 20! I think the fact that I struggled so much made it more of an achievement to cross the finish line especially knowing that it meant I raised so much money for Unicef by doing it.

I have said that I will run another marathon one day – maybe in the year I turn 40 to prove that I am still up to it!



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