Blogtober day 23 My Favourite time of year

Hello welcome to day 23 of the Blogtober Challenge – where I am given a topic to write about every day throughout October. The title I have been given today is “Your favourite time of year and why.”

I am hands down a massive fan of the summer time – it is by far my favourite time of the year. It is so much easier to occupy the kids when the sun is shining. There are lots of things that you can do in the summer that don’t break the bank. I love taking the kids out for picnics and to run about in the park. Even an afternoon messing about in the garden is great fun. This summer we did lots of country walks and I took the kids pond dipping. We hung out in the garden of our local cafe and Cambridge Botanic Gardens a lot. We also took the kids camping this year and were really lucky to have an amazingly sunny break.  On a practical level I love the fact that we don’t need to wrap the kids up in coats and hats. I love the long hours of daylight and always feel like doing more in the evenings when it isn’t dark and cold.


I think I might have a bit of seasonal affect disorder because I find that the cold and dark of the winter really gets me down. I hate doing the school run in the cold and the rain. I have a few winter moments that I love, especially Halloween and Bonfire night. I totally love Christmas too. I totally hate February by then I’m so fed up of the winter and cold. Maybe I should take to hibernating or spend the winter months somewhere hot and sunny abroad!

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