Blogtober day 24 The Disney character I most identify with

Hello, welcome to day 24 of my Blogtober challenge – I’ve been set the challenge of writing a blog post every day during October on a given title. I hope you are not getting fed up of reading these Blogtober posts! The topic that I have been given today is “The Disney Character that you most identify with.”

I would love to say I’m some kind of domestic goddess like Cinderella great at housework during the day and then transforming into an irresistible, gorgeous princess in the evening. But who am I kidding! My housework regime is mostly damage control!

Disney character I most identify with

The Disney character that I identify with is Rapunzel from Tangled. We share an overactive sense of curiosity. Rapunzel sees the lights appearing in the sky once a year and is desperate to know what they are. She risks the wrath of the woman she calls mother to leave the tower and solve the mystery in the sky.

I am such a curious person, I love experimenting and finding stuff out just for the sake of it. I probably drive people insane by asking loads of questions. I read really geeky non fiction books about popular science and social psychology. There is a button on the coffee machine at work that is labelled “Do not press” it takes every ounce of my willpower not to push it just to see what happens.

I also love how that Rapunzel is a mixture of bravery and self doubt. There is a brilliant scene when Rapunzel first leaves the tower. She is overjoyed one moment and then terrified the next, freaking out that she has betrayed her mother, then swinging from the trees in excitement. I love that Rapunzel has more depth than a traditional Disney princess. Her emotional complexity and vulnerability makes her so appealing. There are definitely days when I feel like I can take on the world. But I also have moments of insecurity and doubt too.

…….plus she gets to be a princess and live in a castle in the end!

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