Blogtober day 25 My ideal superpower

I’m taking part in a blogging challenge called Blogtober where I am given a prompt to write about every day throughout October. The title I have been given today is “What superpower would you have and why.”

I am buzzing with superpower ideas! The ability to pause, fast forward and rewind time would be so cool. If I needed a moment of calm I could just pause the chaos for a second. The ability to do things at lightening speed would be amazing too. That way I could speed through all the things I need to get done everyday. Getting chores out of the way super quickly would leave me with more time to spend having fun.

After careful consideration I think my number one choice of superpower would be the ability to teleport. I love the idea of clicking my fingers and being able to instantly transport to another place. It would have to work that anyone who is holding onto me is teleported too so that I could zoom my family around with me too. Just think I could teleport from home to school in an instant cutting out the school run on days when it is cold and rainy. I could get to and from work in an instant!


I love the idea of travelling more as a family.  If we had nothing planned for a weekend we could just pick anywhere in the world to teleport too. We could also teleport to go and see my husband’s family who live in Ecuador. It is a very long and expensive flight to get there so we don’t get a chance to see them very often. We last visited Ecuador as a family when my daughter was 6 months old. Rolando has been back on his own more recently. Rolando’s family has never met the twins. It would be incredible to be able to pop over and see them whenever we wanted to. We could spend Christmas and other special occasions with them sometimes.

Writing this has really made me wish teleportation really existed! Although I have just thought that if I had superpowers I probably need to use them to help people rather than make my life easier and more enjoyable. As Spider Man said “With great power comes great responsibility!”

What superpower would you choose?


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