Blogtober day 29 – 3 confessions!

Phew I’m nearly at the end of my Blogtober challenge. Every day in October I have been challenged to write a different blog post based on a title that I have been given. Today’s writing prompt is “3 confessions of your choice.”

Hummmm………let me think what do I want to confess publicly!


I secretly love a bit of student food
I try to prepare nice healthy food for my family everyday. But when I’m on my own I secretly like to eat super noodles with canned tuna and fish finger sandwiches.

Sneaky tea break
When I’m at home and the kids are driving me crazy I hide in the bathroom to have a cup of tea in peace (it’s the only room with a lock!). I also hide behind the door of my pantry to eat chocolate when I’m getting stressed.

Getting in trouble with the law (saving the worst till last!)
I once got stopped by a police officer for going through an amber light at a pedestrian crossing while I was cycling to work. In my defense it was very early morning and there was not a pedestrian in sight. I got a £50 fine and a right telling off!

Do you have any confessions you would like to share?!


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