Blogtober day 3, If I won the lottery I would

As part of my Blogtober challenge I’ve been given a topic to write about each day. Today’s title is “If I won the lottery I would”

I started buying lottery tickets when I was 16 and the national lottery had just launched. So over the years I have spent way too much time thinking about what I would do if I won the jackpot.

The first thing I would do would be jump on a plane and pay a surprise visit my husband’s family. They live in Ecuador in South America and I have not seen them face to face for quite a lot of years. We took my daughter to meet them when she was 6 months old but they have never met my twin boys. I think it would be amazing to knock on their door and completely surprise them.


Career change
I don’t think I’m very materialistic so I don’t think I would rush out and buy loads of fancy things. The main thing I would enjoy is to be free of worrying about money and not to have to dread an unexpected expenses. I also love the idea that being financially comfortable would give you a lot of different choices about how to spend your time. I wouldn’t continue to do my current job (as a HR Manager) even though I would be sad to leave the lovely people that I work with. I have a couple of dream job ideas. I would love to run a really luxurious bed and breakfast. I would also love to be a professional home organiser (I’m obsessed with de-cluttering!)

Dream home
I would definitely buy a new house. There are such beautiful homes in my village. I always take a look in the estate agent’s window and pick out my if I won the lottery house. I wouldn’t go for something massive and extravagant. I think we just need enough space for our family to grow into and to accommodate my family when they come over. I’d also love a big garden for the kids to run about in. I don’t think I would sell my current house. It would be cool to fix it up to a really high standard and either rent it out or keep it as a place for friends and family to use whenever they want to.

Off on adventures
I would definitely love to travel more. I love the idea of taking the kids out of school and taking a crazy family gap year. I’d love to go to the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Iceland, Las Vegas….the list is pretty endless. I think going around the world would be such an amazing experience for the children, teaching them about the amazing world that we live in. I think there is a lot that they could learn outside of formal education and it would be an amazing shared adventure.

Oh writing this post is making me desperate for my numbers to come up. If you’ll excuse me I’m off to buy a lottery ticket!


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