Blogtober day 30 Whats in your handbag

What’s in my handbag

This is day 30 of my Blogtober Challenge (where I am writing a different post every day of October based on a given title). My title today was supposed to be a letter to someone. However I switch the order of the posts around so that I could write my letter on the twins birthday (If you want to take a look here is my birthday letter to my boys). Instead I’m going to use a writing prompt from another day which is “What’s in your handbag?”


I have quite a big red handbag. I use it everyday so it is starting to looking a bit battered. I’m on the lookout for a bright new bag to replace it with (that won’t blow my budget).

Most days this is what I am carting about with me:

  • Spare clothes and pants for the boys (they still have the occasional accident
  • Snacks for the kids (raisins,yo-yo bears, corn cakes)
  • Plastic bag (for wet clothes in case of an accident)
  • Wet wipes
  • Little toys for the boys
  • Something like Shopkins for Sofia
  • Stones and conkers (that the boys are always picking up and given to me to keep safe)
  • Lip balm (because my lips get really dry in the winter, my favourite is Carex lip balm)
  • Work ID (I keep it in my bag all of the time so I don’t forget it)
  • Notebook (I use one book for everything, it is a bit like a bullet journal but I’ve adapted the style to suit me).
  • A couple of pens
  • Purse
  • Phone (seriously where would I be without my phone)
  • My kindle (so I can do a little bit of reading if I get a spare moment)

What are your handbag essentials?


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