Blogtober day 5 My childhood ambition

This October I’m taking part in the Blogtober challenge. The idea is to write a blog post everyday based on a title I’ve been given. My title today is what career did you plan to have when you were a child.

I can’t really remember spending a lot of time thinking about career plans when I was a kid. I was however a proper book worm child and was always reading or walking the short journey from my house to our local library. Geeky as it sounds the library was definitely my happy place.

I also loved writing. I kept a diary where I used to write down my thoughts and ideas every evening. I can guarantee it would be completely cringe-worthy if I still had it. When I was about 12 I decided I wanted to be a journalist. I thought that it would be a way of making my love of reading and writing into a job.

There was a kids TV show called Newsround that I used to watch everyday at tea time.  It was a news show but aimed at children (I think it might still be on). They had a club that you could sign up to called the Press Pack. I wrote in to become a Press Packer and had a little Press Packer id card and notebook.  Every so often they would ask you to write in with an article. I sent in a few things that I had written although they were never featured. I did get a letter printed in a newspaper when I was very young.  It was very worthy about how we need to look after the environment for the sake of the children (did I mention I was a geek!).  I was very proud of it at the time.


When I was a bit older one my favorite school subjects was English Literature. I love writing essays (further evidence of my inner geekiness). I enjoyed finding evidence that supported my opinion and trying to build a strong argument.

Sadly I think I was put off the idea of being a journalist by the fact that I was quite a shy kid and I thought I needed to be loud and confident to succeed in the media. I wonder if I would have been a successful journalist. I have a ridiculously overactive sense of curiosity which might have been helpful. I am also quite good at listening and trying to understand different points of view, even if I don’t agree with them.

In a way my blog is a bit of an extension of my childhood love of writing. I love that it gives me the chance to write regularly and gives me the opportunity to share experiences with other people and express my point of view. I still love reading especially non-fiction books. Maybe one day I could use what I have learnt from blogging to write a book of my own – my geeky 12 year old self would be proud.


2 thoughts on “Blogtober day 5 My childhood ambition

  1. I did, and still do love, writing too. The number of books I started! I think a blog is a good way of working towards being a journalist.

    I used to spend my lunch hours at the library. It was so peaceful and I could get lost in my words. There’s nothing quite like that…

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