Blogtober day 6 – My favorite present

This is my 6 day of the blogtober challenge! The idea of blogtober is to publish a blog post everyday of October.  My title today is your favorite Christmas or birthday present ever.

This title has really got me thinking. There are a few things that stand out:

  • My bike, it was a Christmas present from my husband and I use it most days.
  • My kindle, another lovely Christmas present from my husband. I feel like it made it easier to read again after having my twins.

The presents that I love the best are always experience presents (HINT ALERT for my birthday in a few weeks time!) I had a spa day as a birthday presents when the twins were really little which was a real treat. I had a lovely afternoon tea in London with my best friend for my last birthday.

I think if I had to pick one favorite I would choose the helicopter flight over London that my husband bought me for my birthday present.


It was supposed to be a surprise but Rolando accidentally gave away the secret the night before. Even though it was a bit of a rainy day it was still amazing. I was a bit nervous before we took off but the pilot was very reassuring. It was surprisingly noisy when we were in the air and we needed to wear headphones and had a little microphone thing to speak through. We followed the route of the river right down to the Thames barrier and saw so many of the incredible sights of London. It was really exhilarating and fun – I was on such a high when we got down onto the ground.


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