Blogtober day 8 – My favorite TV shows

Hello welcome to day 8 of my Blogtober challenge! My title today is My favorite TV shows.

We do watch a lot of TV in our house (mainly because we don’t go out much in the evenings). We Sky Plus any series that we like so we can catch up when the kids are in bed. We have also recently got an Amazon Fire Stick which is a little gadget that you plug into the back of your TV to stream TV shows.


Here is a little round up of my favorite TV shows present and past…….

The Great British Bake Off
This show is just a great big TV hug. It is such a cozy comfortable watch. The world can be in utter chaos but in the Bake Off tent the worst thing that can happen is that your desert doesn’t set or your pastry has a soggy bottom. I like to escape into this world of pastel loveliness away from real life stress. I get the feeling that the participants really are good friends and I love how much it means to them. Bake Off always makes me feel hungry so I usually watch with a snack and a cup of tea and a snugly blanket.

This show is the complete opposite of Bake Off. It scares the living day lights out of me and makes me double check that my front door is locked at night. My husband and I were a bit late to discover this amazing show but from the first episode we were totally hooked. Idris Elba is compelling as the maverick detective. Every case is so dark and intense and I loved the unpredictable plot twists. Each story is shown over two episodes and we often watched a pair back to back because we just couldn’t go to bed without knowing how it ended.

The Crystal Maze
I loved this show when I was a kid! It is basically a bunch of adults doing games and challenges against the clock in order to win crystals. I like to think that I would have been quite a good contestant rather than someone who ran out of time and got locked in. The Crystal Maze was last on TV in 1995. Channel 4 are going to do a one off special of the Crystal Maze to raise money for their Stand Up to Cancer appeal (shown at 9pm on 16th of October). I’ve heard a rumor that if it is popular they might do a new series. Maybe I could apply to take part!

Sex and the City
I used to be a big Sex and the City fan when I was in my late teens and early twenties. It was last on TV in 2004 (let’s just forget about the 2 rubbish Sex and the City films!) It was the first time I had really seen a programme like it. I loved the strong and feisty female characters. I see myself as maybe a little bit of Samantha and Carrie mixed together. I also loved the fashion and seeing the sights of New York. It was funny but there was also some really touching moments too. Even now I love flicking through the TV channels and stumbling upon an old episode of Sex and the City.

Right I’m off to catch up on the Bake Off with a cuppa!

4 thoughts on “Blogtober day 8 – My favorite TV shows

  1. Ahh! Fab choices!
    I always have to watch the GBBO with something to eat too and a cuppa. hehehe
    I loved the Crystal Maze too and I can’t wait to see it later this month! I really hope it is just as good as years ago and they bring it back!
    Oh gosh! How was Sex in the city last on TV in 2004! I loved it and my favourite character was Samantha x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…My Favourite TV Programmes. #Blogtober16My Profile

  2. Oooh brilliant choices, although I’ve not watched Luther as yet.

    I love Crystal Maze as a child and I had no idea they were filming a special episode, I’ll definitely be watching that and it would be brilliant if they do make a full new series.

    Laura x

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