Blogtober – whats in my fridge

Today is day 13 of my Blogtober challenge – I hope that you are not getting fed up with me posting a new blog post everyday. The title that I have been give to write about today’s title “Is what’s in your fridge?”

I have to say my fridge is not a very interesting place. There is invariable a mystery item lurking at the back wrapped in foil or in a tupperware box.  Other things that are usually in my fridge are…………


  • Milk – the kids drink loads of full milk so we buy the big 6 pint bottles.
  • Cheese – we love eating cheese and always have a couple of kinds of cheese in the fridge. My favourite is Wensleydale with cranberries.
  • Ham – the boys like ham sandwiches in their lunch boxes, not very exciting but I know that they will eat them.
  • Chorizo – I love chorizo, I put it omelets or use it as pizza topping.
  • Bacon – you can’t beat bacon. I absolutely love a bacon sandwich for breakfast especially on days when I’m not working and the school run has been a bit stressful I’ll come home and have a bacon sandwich and a massive coffee.
  • Butter – I’ve recently switched from using margarine to using butter. I like the flavour and think it is better for cooking with. Although it is a bit annoying that it is hard to spread (even the spreadable kind).
  • Garlic paste – I like to use this for cooking, for things like bolognese or simple pasta sauce.
  • Tortellini – I find this great for a very quick dinner for the kids as it cooks in 5 minutes. Our favourite flavour is spinach and ricotta.
  • Fresh fruit – I’m never sure if you are meant to keep fruit in the fridge but it gets stuck in there just in case.
  • Eggs – we love eggs and eat loads of them. Rolando has a fried egg for breakfast most days.
  • Rose wine – mum’s stress relief!
  • Fruit cider – I’ve recently discovered yummy fruit cider although the bubbles do make me feel really full up.
  • Curry paste – I like making curry in our slow cooker and find a bit of curry paste gives it a nice bit of spice.
  • Apple juice – the kids all love apple juice and I like to use it to make smoothies.
  • Nail varnish – I always think it lasts longer if you keep it in the fridge (although it annoys my husband).

Do you have anything more exciting in your fridge?

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