Bonuses of having twins

There are some very cool things about having twins. It goes without saying that there is double the love, double the laughter and double the cuddles. Then there are the little things – some of these are obvious some are quite unexpected.

Here’s a round up of the little things that I find really special about having two identical little people in our lives.

The bonuses of having twins


 Fascinating twin quirks

I’m totally fascinated by twin-ness and the boys little twin quirks. The boys often sit in exactly the same position. It’s the same when they fall asleep in their cots or their pushchair in exactly in the same way – like carbon copies of each other. I’ll often find Sam has climbed into Leo’s cot in the early morning and they are snuggled up together or chatting to each other.

I still spot tiny little physical details that are exactly the same like the tiny little curves in the way their hair grows.

Mum’s got guns!

There are some after effects of my twin pregnancy that I am not crazy about (that will be the over stretched skin and my busted abs that needed months of pysio). Let’s just say I’m learning to live with them. However twins are proving great for my arms. All of the lifting of my boys, in and out of the car and cot and up the stairs is incredible for toning. I think my arms are the strongest they have ever been.

Playing guess the baby in the photo

A fun game in our house is try to figure out who is who in the boys baby photos. I find the boys easy to tell apart now, to me they look quite different. When they were babies it was a different story. I was intending to carefully annotate the photos on my laptop but this all went out of the window in the craziness of having two new borns plus their older sister. We can have lengthy debates about who is who in their baby pictures.

The boys fan club

The boys have a fan club in our village.  There are so many people who love to see them.   A lot of people get so much joy from seeing the boys growing up. My boys totally lap it up – they introduce themselves to everyone. I’ve posted before about the comments that people make about twins that get on my nerves (grumpy mum alert) but these are far outweighed by the lovely conversations and comments that I’ve had. My daughter’s friends really love trying to make the boys smile and try and guess who is who.

Medical control (I realise that this is a bit random!)

I couldn’t do without my digital thermometer (bought after a scary trip to A&E with a baby with a dangerously high temperature). If I suspect that one of the boys has a fever I can check his temperature and then compare it to his brother.

Every day is a workout

I have no need for a gym membership daily life is a very effective workout. I can’t drive (yet!) so I walk between home and school/preschool 4 times a day 3 times a week (that’s nearly 12 miles!). I still use a pushchair for the school run and pushing and lifting a double buggy up and down kerbs totally takes care of aerobic exercise. I take the boys out in their bike trailer about once a week – this is my equivalent of doing a spin class.

Listening to their hilarious conversations

I love hearing the boys talking to each other – I think you get a little bit of extra insight into what they are thinking and feeling. This especially happens first thing in the morning when the boys will chatter to each other saying really random things “I’d like to ride on a pterodactyl” “I am not a spider” are two recent classics. They were heatedly debating the other day if a picture was a lion or a tiger.

 Twin parent buddies

I’ve met some really lovely people who have twins – it’s like you get initiated into the twin buddy club and I love it. I can spot another set of twins a mile off. It is fun to chat with other twin parents and compare notes and experiences. It is great finding people who completely get the unique challenges of having twins.

Are you a parent of twins what are the things that you like about having twins?  Let me know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Bonuses of having twins

    1. Thank you lovely – I remember thinking when I was pregnant with the boys that there was no way that we were going to cope but I think I was just thinking of the hard work rather than the lovely aspects of twin-ness that we have discovered!

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