Bowling and mishaps

I recently read that 85% of things that you worry about never happen. I was worried that  Saturday was going to be a stressful day. It was Sofia’s 7th birthday party and along with her friend Eva-Louisa we were taking 13 girls ten pin bowling. I approached the day and its potential chaos with trepidation.

I was proved very wrong. Sofia and Eva Louisa’s party was fantastic. It was hectic (refilling cups of squash, a couple of bumped fingers and stuck bowling balls, a bit of confusion over who’s turn it was to bowl) but with the excited happy energy that a group of girls having fun generates. Sofia and Eva-Louisa loved it and our party helper Gemma was fab and kept everything running smoothly.

Time to put our feet up and chilled out right? The day had other ideas. Sam had been subtlety not quite himself for a couple of days. Slightly whinny when he was tired and taking a long time to fall asleep but nothing we could quite put a finger on. On Saturday we noticed he was pulling at his right ear. By the afternoon he had some yellow discharge coming out of his ear. So made a phone call to 111 and had a trip to the out of hours doctor to get antibiotics.

Mean while I was just thinking how quiet and calm dinner time was with only three of us eating – when crash, scream, blood! Leo flipped backwards onto the kitchen floor and hit his head. Another call to 111 (explaining to the operator that yes I had spoken to her an hour earlier but I had twins and the other one now needed medical attention). Cue a mad dash to A&E and 4 hour wait to see a doctor – and yes it was as packed and horrific on a Saturday night as you would imagine.

The silver linings……..Leo was an absolute star. He didn’t see this as a situation to be stressed and impatient. For him it was a great chance to get some rare one on one time with mum. He was really excited to watch a film and play with a tonne of new toys. He was definitely the happiest person in the waiting room even when he started getting really tired. I learnt a lesson from him and realised that it was the way I chose to react to our long wait that was going to determine how quickly the time passed.

Leo had no complications. His head was all cleaned up and glued back together. We were home just after midnight.  Sam is getting on well with the medication and his ear infection is clearing up well.  Sofia is still on a high from her party.

I had a late night glass of wine to settle my nerves……..despite the chaos we all live to fight another day!

P.S. Big thank you to Isobel for calming me down on the phone and for coming over to our house at crazy o’clock.


3 thoughts on “Bowling and mishaps

  1. Love this! With all this madness and chaos you still get time to blog! Keep going and smiling. Will be checking back for up dates.! X

  2. Glad you made it through the night Sarah!! Always happy to help vis-a-vis calming you down and coming over at crazy o’clock…happy to help and no doubt one day it will be me on the end of the phone in a flap asking you to calm me down xx

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