Celebrity voice overs on kids TV

Has anyone else noticed that there are a tonne of celebrities popping up as the voices of kids TV shows? My 3 kids were all poorly last week so we watched a lot of CBeebies (to the point where my brain started to hurt). I had a few “that voice sounds familiar moments”.

You might already know that the comedian Miles Jupp started out as Archie the Inventor in Balamory (apparently when he performed stand up comedy some parents wrongly assumed his material was child friendly and brought their kids along, ops!). But do you know who are the voices behind lots of your kids favourite TV characters?

In the name of research I’ve paused the TV and scanned through the credits to figure out the who’s who of cartoon voice overs (you can probably tell from this list that we only really watch BBC children’s programmes).

Celebrity voices on kids TV

Reggie Yates is the voice of Rasta Mouse
Alexander Amstrong is the voice of Duggee in Hey Duggee
Lorraine Kelly is the narrator in Rara the Noisy Lion
James Corden is the narrator in Little Charley Bear
David Tennant is the voice of Twigs in Tree Fu Tom (although he has been replaced in the most recent series)
Ardal O’Hanlon is the voice of the Dad in Nelly and Nora
Liza Tarbuck is the narrator in Wussywat the Clumsy Cat
Lenny Henry is the voice of Big in Big and Small
Imelda Staunton is the voice of the mouse and the worm in Big and Small
Michael Palin is the narrator of the Clangers (in the 2015 remake)
Jason Donovan is the voice of Pops the Dad in Boj

The award for the most star studded kids TV animation goes to one of my favourite kids TV shows Tinga Tales.

Lenny Henry is the voice of the elephant
Stephen K Amos is hyena
Meera Syal is the voice of the owl
Myriam Margolyes has featured as a squirrel
Maureen Lipman has been in one episode as a humming bird

You never know this info might help you out with a pub quiz question one day.

Have you spotted any other celebrities doing the voices for kids TV shows?

7 thoughts on “Celebrity voice overs on kids TV

  1. Peter Serafinawics (sp?) is Driver Dan, and Alexander Armstrong also did the king in Mike the Night. I think Lenny Henry also does a voice in Little Robots. I’ve played this game too!

    1. Great spots Gianni – I’ve also spotted Alexander Armstrong in Hey Duggee. I’ll have to update this post with my crowd sourced information!

  2. Great poster we’ve noticed it too. We tune into Milkshake on C5 and David Jason is in Pip Ahoy, Fern Cotton in Teletubbies and Brian Blessed in Peppa Pig!

  3. Oscar winner and new Sir, Mark Rylance is Flop on Bing. Michael the Geordie from Alan Partridge is a voice on Octonauts.

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