Days out – lost shoes, dirt and excitement

I love an adventure. I enjoy them more now I’ve accepted that days out with our family will include……….

1. Military planning
The amount of stuff that we take for a day out with the kids is equivalent to what a pre-kids me would have taken on a weekend mini break. We always need the one thing we haven’t brought.

2. Negotiating what the kids are allowed to bring
Sofia will want to bring at least five dolls with her. Sam will be clutching a wooden spoon. Leo will be determined to bring a toothbrush (all these items will end up either in my handbag or getting lost).

3. The kids will loudly say something hilariously embarrassing
We went to a cafe recently Sam kept pointing to two men having a business meeting saying (really loudly) “Mummy look sad men!”

4. Getting dirty
I admire people with presentable children, sadly I’m not one of them. If there is mud or puddles anywhere my kids will find them (I had to scoop Sam out of a flower bed at the botanic gardens while a disapproving employee gave us a good frowning). The smarter the place the more filthy our kids will be.

5. The twins getting over excited about something random
Leo was jumping up and down with excitement when he saw a tea pot recently. We had to leave a bird of prey display when Sam lost it with excitement at the sight of an owl. Even so I love their enthusiasm!

6. Loud, proud updates on bodily functions
At some point you will hear ………”Mummy I’ve done a poo poo”. I’ve forgotten that people don’t generally chat about these things.

7. Retracing our steps trying to find something
We lost one of Leo’s shoes recently, we’ve had to go back into Town before to rescue Sofia’s favourite toy rabbit. Sofia’s talking Jessie doll never made it back from Christmas shopping.

Any of these sound familiar – what do days out with your kids involve?

Sam and Leo in Cherry Hinton park

2 thoughts on “Days out – lost shoes, dirt and excitement

  1. Fabulous laughing so much at Sam’s “sad man” observation and telling the doctor what language he was speaking!

    Heartwarming and funny keep it up xx

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