Embarrassing moments with my kids

My twins are on a mission to embarrass me! The boys always say exactly what they think. They also have no volume control. The most embarrass the statement the louder they seem to shout it.

Here’s the evidence from the last few days…….

Embarrassing moments with my kids

Embarrassing Incident Number 1
Do you know the Lingo Show? It teaches kids words in different languages. Today the kids learnt a little bit of Mandarin. This was really cute until we went into town today. There are lots of Chinese tourists visiting our city. The boys started shouting out their random Mandarin. “1, 2, 3, Banana” as loud as they could. There was a Chinese family walking slightly ahead of us. They did a bit of a total double take at my boys Mandarin heckling!

Embarrassing Incident Number 2
I was waiting to use the family toilet at our local garden centre yesterday. Sam was waiting with me. Two older ladies walked past.

“Look at those big people”
“Yes they are going to use the grown ups toilet”
“No mummy look at their big tummies”

I wanted the floor to swallow us up! If they did hear us they didn’t let on.

Embarrassing Incident Number 3
Going to the toilet is a logistical challenge when I’m out with my 3 kids. We were in town and it was really busy. I had to squish into a tiny toilet cubical with the twins. There was lots of people waiting outside. Sam decided to announce “Mummy look at your hairy bottom!” This was followed by the boys killing themselves laughing. I had a very red face when I walked out to wash my hands.

Embarrassing Incident Number 4
I was taking a walk with the boys. There was a very tattooed man walking just ahead of us. He was wearing a heavy mental band tshirt. Leo pipes up “Mummy that man is very scary, I don’t like it, I want to go home.” Cue trying to walk slower to let the “scary” man get ahead and out of earshot!

I’m sure we all have moments when our kids show us up. What are your most cringe moments?

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