Embarrassing things my kids have said

Having little kids = being embarrassed on a regular basis! Here are a few clangers my monkeys have dropped lately.

Sam getting to grips with anatomy by walking in on me getting dressed and asking “Mummy where’s your willy?”


Never tell a 4 year old that you have pulled a muscle in your bum while exercising. Sam told the cashier in Tesco “My Mummy’s bottom is hurting” to which Sofia chipped in “Have you not been eating enough fruit Mummy?”

After getting caught in heavy rain on the way to picking up the boys from pre-school I happened to say that all of my clothes were wet down to my underwear. Leo asked “Mummy are your pants wet because you’ve had an accident?”

Rolando was with the boys waiting to pick Sofia up from school. Sam ran towards him and bumped into his groin area, then shouted “Papi you have a very fat willy!”

But it is all worthwhile for one of Leo’s extra special compliments “Mummy you have a very beautiful eyeball”

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