Enjoy the tiny moments

Are you ever too busy to enjoy the tiny moments?  I realised this weekend that I wasn’t paying attention.  There was a tiny moment of wonderful happening.  I nearly missed it!

I was in a bit of grump on Sunday. I hadn’t slept very well. The kids had woken up early and I was really tired. I was also annoyed that my husband Rolando was working on Sunday.

We were lazing in our pyjamas in our messy living room. I was drinking lots of tea. Sam weed on the floor; potty training completely slipping his mind again! I came close to breaking our no TV on a Sunday rule. Instead we were playing with Lego. The boys were excited to use Sofia’s proper Lego, instead of Duplo. It got tipped all over the floor.

Enjoy the tiny moments

Sam climbed onto my lap for a cuddle. Hugging my son and watching my other two kids playing happily it struck me. This is a golden moment. Ignore the mess, overcome the tiredness, forget about being annoyed.

I will miss these moments when they’re gone. It wont be too long before my kids don’t want to hang out with their mum in their PJs. The years of building Lego rockets are so short. It was a tiny reminder pay attention, to live in the moment. Enjoy the tiny moments. Cherish the ordinary. These moments of everyday wonderful are what life is all about.

P.S Rolando did redeem himself by going tent shopping with us later in the day (when I knew he’d rather be breaking the no TV rule and having a rest!)

5 thoughts on “Enjoy the tiny moments

  1. Ahh I know exactly what you mean, sometimes we are just so busy stressing about the tidiness of the house or the dishes, washing etc and we forget to just stop and enjoy time with our children. They are young for such a short space of time aren’t they? I will be sad when they won’t want cuddles with me anymore ;-(

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