Epic bad day

Sometimes parenting is full of Kodak moments. Other days everything goes wrong. Yesterday was an epic bad day. In the spirit of being honest I’m sharing details of my awful day. If you’re having a tough day maybe it will cheer you up or at least let you know they happen to all of us.

Sad face

Catalogue of disaster…………

Wake up still exhausted and with an up set stomach – looking after the kiddos on my own today today will be a challenge.

The house is a disaster zone and full of dirty washing from our holiday.

Leo has a tantrum about getting dressed. Leo screams because I wouldn’t let him play with his dirty nappy.

Leo tips the nappy bin over trying to retrieve the dirty nappy.

Sam head butts me in the eye (by accident) and makes me cry.

Sam pours bubble bath on his head and the living room floor just before we were going to go out. Sam is shouting I’ve got sticky hair mummy.

Had to postpone trip to give the twins a bath. At least our living room smells nice.

Leo bites Sofia – put him on the naughty chair.

Shout at everyone feel horrible for losing my temper.

Finally make it out of the door.

Leo cries and cries before falling asleep.

Get the shopping that we need and arrive at the park.

Leo wakes up, starts crying and insists on being carried.

Leo projectile vomits on himself, me and the pushchair.

Try to calm Leo down and clean him up with wet wipes, don’t have any spare clothes.

The sticky sick attracts lots of insects and Leo gets stung by a wasp.

While I’m distracted Sam opens the gate and gets out of the playground.

Retrieve Sam, wrap screaming Leo in a coat to cover up his sicky clothes rush home.

Find Rolando home from work in bed having been sick twice.

The day spirals into chaos Leo is sick some more then I start vomiting too.

Rolando gets everyone to bed.

I feel sick as a dog and head to bed too.

10 thoughts on “Epic bad day

  1. I have had days like that …it’s all about survival sometimes isn’t it? I would have shouted too don’t feel bad! It’s impossible to stay calm all the time!! Sooo stressfull! Thank you for making me feel better about my day. Not as bad as I thought!! X

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