Everyday sexism strikes again

The front page of the Daily Mail has made me so annoyed this morning. For the sake of my sanity I should have learnt not to look at the headlines of the Daily Mail. But their outrageous headlines are irritatingly attention grabbing.

Seriously what is this crap! Two leading politicians talking about the future of the United Kingdom but it is reduced to which woman has the nicest legs?!

I don’t think you can excuse this as harmless banter. It is sending out such a belittling message to girls and women. What you say and contribute is not as important as what you look like.

I don’t know what the accompanying article actually says. I would never buy this horrible excuse for a newspaper. I’m sure there was some actual commentary on what was discussed. But it is watered down by a comparison of the politicians appearances.  For the record I also don’t care what shoes or clothes you are wearing either just whether you are doing a good job at running our country.

I hope I’m raising my kids, both my sons and my daughter, to know better than to fall for this misogynistic nonsense. It just feels like quite an effort to counteract the casual sexism that seems to pop up so often in popular culture.

Rant over – I’m off to have a calming cup of tea!

6 thoughts on “Everyday sexism strikes again

  1. I totally agree with you! I saw this headline and thought the same- its sending out a belittling message to women and young girls. Just awful! Hope you enjoyed your cuppa! x

  2. Oh gosh things like this annoy me so much too! As well as the fact we are expected to go out and earn as much as men but also still do every a 1950’s housewife did haha!! Glad you got it off your chest 🙂 x

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