Our experience at Cambridge Escape Rooms

So my husband and I spent Saturday evening hanging out at a business park in Cambridge. Sounds a bit random right? However behind the doors of a very unassuming office building was our destination, Cambridge Escape Rooms. Our mission was to solve the clues, defuse a bomb and escape from a bank vault.

I’d heard friends talking about escape room experiences. The concept is that you have 60 minutes to work out how to escape from a locked room.  The idea reminded me a bit of the Crystal Maze, my favourite childhood TV show.  It very intrigued so I booked a session at Cambridge Escape rooms for me and my husband.

Our Escape Room Experience
We were complete Escape Room newbies so didn’t have any idea what to expect. With hindsight I should have probably worn more sensible shoes! After a quick briefing we were locked into our room. I was really impressed with the room and how it was staged to fit in with the theme.

We got really stuck into to exploring all around the room and finding and figuring out each clue. The 60 minutes absolutely flew by. It took us a little while to get going but once we had solved the first stage we were up and running. I am not going to give away any spoilers as to what you actually have to do. We had some inspired moments where we stormed ahead. Each little breakthrough was very satisfying. We also had moments when we went around in circles. The person running your game is watching your progress via a concealed camera. We were quite relieved when she chipped in with a few clues when we had reached a bit of a dead end.

The whole experience was really fun. There was a bit of an adrenaline rush knowing that you were working against the clock. I really enjoyed working together with Rolando. We made a pretty good team. It helped that we know each other so well so there were bits of the game I knew he would be better at and vice versa.

Did we escape?
I’m a little sad to say that we didn’t quite defuse the bomb in time and ended up getting locked in the room. Even so it was such a fun experience. It was a completely different type of night out. I liked that it was a mental challenge. I’ll be honest that it was harder than I had anticipated. You can have a team of 2 to 6 players. It was fun to do this activity as a couple.  However I think it was a bit harder to do everything with only 2 people. I would recommend grabbing some mates and going as a bigger team. I think more collective brain power and extra pairs of hands would really help.

Why do I look so odd in this picture?!

Cambridge Escape rooms has 3 different rooms to choose from. I didn’t realise when I booked our session that I had inadvertently chosen the hardest room out of the 3 available. Our room was rated 4.5 out of 5 for difficulty so not the best option for first timers. With hindsight I should have checked this out before hand (I couldn’t find this detail on the Cambridge Escape Rooms website).

I really want to try one of the other rooms at Cambridge Escape rooms, especially now we have an idea how the concept works. It was a really good venue.  There was lots of free parking available, always handy. It was very straight forward to book our session online. We received an email reminder a couple of days in advance with all the information we needed. I was impressed with the customer service. We had a really friendly welcome when we arrived. The person looking after our game was very enthusiastic and helpful and made it a great experience.

Are you an escape room expert? Any tips to help us out next time?

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