Finding out we were having boys

Facebook told me this morning that it was 5 years ago today that we found out that we were having twin boys.  What a day that was!  I’ve written before about how we found out at our first scan that we were having identical twins. After a week of being a bit shocked and emotional we went back to the hospital for a second scan.

We both really wanted to know the gender of the twins. I really couldn’t cope with any more surprises! I also thought knowing the gender would help with getting as organised as I could before they were born.

I clearly remember the relief on Rolando’s face when they told us that we were having two baby boys. He’d secretly been a bit worried he was going to be the lone male in a household of girls.

New born Sam and Leo 2012

We started brainstorming name ideas for boys. We always had Sam picked out as our boys name. It was quite tricky to find a second boy’s name that we really liked. We wanted short names that sounded good together. Rolando’s family speak Spanish so we wanted a name that was easy to pronounce in Spanish and English. I used the little magnetic letters on our fridge to try out different combinations of names. In the end we settled on Leo (although he was very nearly called Alex!)  We decided that whichever baby was born first would be Sam and baby born second would be Leo.

Some of the baby stuff that we already had was in more typically girly colours but we didn’t replace any of it. We had so much to stuff to buy anyway we didn’t want to spend money on anything extra. The boys didn’t mind sleeping in pink growbags and had flowery sleepsuits. I’m pretty confident that no baby boy had ever been traumatised by having his vomit wiped up with a pink muslin!

And so began our messy, noisy, twin boy adventures!

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