Five hit the road

Exploring outdoors with the kids, Trout Beck YHA
Exploring outdoors with the kids, Trout Beck YHA

You know when you are in desperate need of a holiday. I was in a rut repeating the same activities with the kids, cooking boring meals, going to bed too late and generally a bit stressed. It was with relief and a little trepidation that we hit the road for the Lake District.

This area holds special memories for me. We rented a cottage here every year until I was a teenager meeting up with my extended family. I am excited to bring the kids here and to introduce Rolando to a new part of the country (the furthest north he’s ever been).

You have reached your destination…………..

I’m a bit phobic of long road trips with the tribe. The journey here was fairly epic. We broke up the drive with an overnight stop at my Aunties house in Wigan. This proved to be a lifesaver. Google maps optimistically predicted a 3 hour journey time. It was over 5 hours although this included an unscheduled stop when Sam vomited all over himself! The trip was not starting well wiping sick off an upset child and his car seat in a service station car park.

We went hundreds of rounds of eye spy before the bickering started. I cracked and busted out a movie on the Ipad. Instead of buying a fancy car holder Rolando made me cry laughing by rigged up a system involving a piece of wood and gaffa tape.

The last section of our journey went smoothly – no travel sickness and more I spy. We’ve discovered it takes nerves of steel to drive our people carrier on the twisty, narrow country roads here. There have been a few blind bends that have made my heart beat faster.

Youth Hostel Association (YHA) gets with it

The YHA has definitely moved on from my memories of staying in youth hostels as a young child. My recollection is of sheet sleeping bags, single sex dorm rooms and doing chores. It’s more cappuccinos and free WiFi these days. The hostel is cosy and modern with a relaxed diningroom/bar area. The setting is breathtaking with a panoramic view over lake Windermere.

We’ve self catered so far. The kitchen is clean and well equipped. The meals served also look tempting so we’ll probably eat in the restaurant a few nights.

We have a private family room. Sofia is excited to get to sleep on the top of the bunk beds and we’ve squeezed in two travel cots. I don’t feel comfortable leaving the kids sleeping on their own so we’re taking turns to head out in the evening. I think we’ll download some films for tomorrow evening – or we’ll get home incredibly well rested from all the early nights!

Magic moments so far

The amount of time we’ve spent outside – the kids come into their own when running about in the fresh air. It was great exploring the woods in the hostels grounds the kids spotted a deer. Today has already made the not so great journey worthwhile!

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