Funny things my kids said this week

My kids say the most random things – here’s a little selection of some of this weeks gems.

Funny things my kids said this week

“Mummy I’ve got a minion roll!” said by Leo (he meant a mini roll).

Sam taking an egg out of the fridge and sounding delighted “Look Mummy it’s going to be a chicken!”

“Don’t ever bite a giraffe” (Leo said this to Sam in a really serious voice after being told off for biting)

“I’d like to ride on a pterodactyl” Sam says this most days now – it is his new obsession.

“This tortellini is yuckier than usual” said by Sofia at dinner time today, always good to have your cooking appreciated.

Sam said to me “Open your mouth” then on looking in he giggles “You look like a whale shark Mummy!” This will be the extensive study of the Octonauts.

After hearing the story of the ginger bread man I asked Sofia what she thought the moral of the story was. After thinking carefully she said seriously “Don’t have children.”

Sam stood at the bottom of our bed this morning shouting “Mummy wake up!” unimpressed we didn’t jump up out of bed straight away he added “Wake up harder!”

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