Getting twins to walk

Getting twins to walk
I’ve been having a bit of a dilemma with getting the twins out of their pushchair and walking. The boys turned 4 in October and I feel like they are getting too old to be using a pushchair anymore. Plus they are also getting really heavy for me to push about. However phasing out the pushchair has proved to be tricky. When we are all out together as a family we don’t really use the pushchair anymore, this is easily manageable with two adults. The main challenge has been doing the school run everyday on my own with the 3 kids. I have got into the habit of popping the twins in the double pushchair as it is the quickest and easiest way to get to school/preschool in a hurry.


Walking miles and miles!
Because I don’t drive I walk A LOT! We live a mile away from school so walk a minimum of 2 miles every day. Twice a week we do two round trips to school. That’s nearly 4 miles of walking which is quite a lot for little legs!

When we got rid of the pushchair for Sofia we didn’t have too many places to rush to.  We could take life at her toddler walking pace. It is a bit of a different now that we have to avoid the shame of being regulars in the school’s late book! In this cold winter weather I just want to get back home into my warm house as quickly as possible!

Keeping them safe and under control
It seemed so much easier to walk to places with one child. I would just hold Sofia’s hand when we were near a busy road. If she got tired or went on walking strike I could just pick her up and carry her.

I find it a bit nerve wracking to have two boys walking alongside busy roads, especially now it is darker in the evenings. It also a nightmare if the twins decide they are tired or don’t want to walk anymore. It is no fun at all trying to coax two uncooperative 4 year olds to keep going. You attract a lot of funny looks if you are dragging 2 screaming children along the pavement!

Sofia learnt to scoot when she was quite little. This was great when we needed to go somewhere that was a bit further away. The idea of my kamikaze twins zooming about near traffic is way more than my nerves can handle!

Using a single pushchair
I’ve decided that I’m just going to go for it and try and retire our double pushchair. At the weekend I bought a single pushchair (a Baby Jogger City Mini). My plan is to let one of the boys walk to preschool and to switch over for the return leg. I can then gradually stop using the single stroller altogether.

Our first try
Today we took the plunge! The boys both decided that they wanted to walk to preschool. I still took the single pushchair just in case their enthusiasm wore off on the way. Plus it was handy for carrying 3 rucksacks, 2 lunch boxes and a PE bag! We navigated a level crossing, two sets of roadworks blocking the pavement. We made it across two busy roads and dodged some dog poo! I had a slight heart failure moment when a car mounted to the curb just in front of us. I must have said “stay away from the edge of the pavement” “don’t go too far ahead” and “we need to keep together” about 500 times! I was so proud when we reached school on time. We did it!

Not only that the boys nearly walked the whole way home too! Sam walked the full mile home. Leo fell over right at the end of our walk and bumped his knee so he sat in the pushchair for the last little bit of the journey.

I don’t know if we’ll manage it everyday or what we will do on a double school run day but today’s walking felt like an achievement!

How did you go pushchair free?
I would love to know any ideas you have for getting kids out of their pushchair and walking more. Have you found a solution that works, especially with twins?

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this with Mini M with bump on the way, I don’t want to buy a double system. To be fair Mini M does like walking its more when he hits the wall & refuses to move any further

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