Goodbye 2016!

2016 you have been a total roller coaster!  I don’t think there has been a year quite like this for a long time!  I could write lots about the events that rocked the year but I’m not sure the internet needs more comment about Brexit, the political upheaval that followed, Trump, the terrorist attacks or the many celebrity deaths this year.  At times I took a deep breath every time a breaking news alert popped up on my phone!  I spent a lot of the year shouting at my TV!

Celebrating the end of the year with the kiddos and cake!
Celebrating the end of the year with the kiddos and cake!

Earthquake in Ecuador
Our year was dominated by the major earthquake that hit my husband’s home town in Ecuador in April.  After learning of the earthquake in the early hours of a Sunday morning we had a terrifying wait for news of Rolando’s family.  The death toll was around 700 people across the country.  We were very lucky that our family and friends were not seriously hurt or killed even though they lost their homes and possessions.  

Out of a very bad experience we were incredibly touched by the kindness and concern that people showed us.  We set up a fundraising page and raised £1000 for Rolando’s family.  Thank you again to everyone who supported our family.  

Rio 2016
What an amazing summer of sport 2016 gave us!  I absolutely loved the Olympic Games and Paralympics in Rio.  It felt like a much needed moment when the country could come together in a positive way.  We watched as much sport as we could cheering on team GB.  There were so many stand out moments – I love Nicola Adams defending her gold medal and the incredible performance from the GB cycling team.  We bought the papers every day and my daughter cut out pictures of our medal winners and made a display of them on our hallway wall.  I still don’t want to take it down as it inspires me to look at it.  

In the summer we took a family camping trip in Norfolk.  We completely lucked out with amazing sunny weather for the whole time that we were away.  There were so many standout moments.  I loved being outdoors so much with the kids, toasting marshmallows and letting the kids stay up really late.  

Sam camping

I loved going to Thetford Forest which had incredible play grounds and a musical trail.  We are very grateful to our friends who lent us their tent and camping equipment!

Here is a little video snapshot of our trip.  

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
For a birthday treat I took Sofia for a day out in London to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was incredible! Everything about it was brilliant the staging and special effects and the acting and singing.  It made me quite emotional to see the wonder on Sofia’s face as she watched the show.  

Blogging highlights
I took part in a blogging challenge this year called Blogtober – posting a new blog post every day in October.  I really enjoyed it even though it was a bit of a struggle to keep up with.  

I also set up a Twins Make Five YouTube channel at the end of this year.  To figure out how to use YouTube we took part in Vlogmas.  This was a challenge to post a new video every day throughout December.  Sofia and I did a Christmas activity everyday and made a video of each one.  Wow it was hard work to film and edit everyday! Even so I loved doing this as a project with Sofia and we both got really into it.  The only negative is that I just couldn’t keep up posting on the blog at the same time.  

If you want to check out any of our videos they are all here.  

I’m still mulling over my goals for 2017.  I have a tonne of ideas of things that I’d like to do, personally, as a family and for my blog but it is all a bit of a jumble at the moment!  I will do a bit of thinking over the next few days and write a post on my 2017 goals shortly.  


I hope that 2016 has had some good moments for you and that you have a lot to look forward to in 2017.

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