Goodbye February

I am happy to bid February goodbye! February is generally my least favourite month of the year. I always get impatient for the winter to be over and spring to arrive. Feb 2017 seemed pretty determined to kick my ass!

We started the month with a round of illnesses. Sam and Leo had time off preschool with high temperatures. It took them both a really long time to get back to normal. Sam particularly seemed quite run down for a good couple of weeks and he totally lost his appetite. I find it so stressful when one of the kids just does not want to eat.

In mid February our car catastrophically failed while Rolando was driving to Yorkshire. Think thick black smoke, pools of oil and a part of the engine sheering off. Cue a massive bill to get it towed home and a car that needed to be written off. With hindsight we got off lightly. I am so grateful that no one was hurt. Rolando had such a scary experience but I dread to think how it would have turned out if we had all been in the car.

Highlights of the month
Even in a bit of challenging month there has been some good times to keep us going.

Celebrating Sofia’s half birthday
We have decided to start a family tradition of celebrating our half birthdays. I think when you are a kid a year seems like forever. Plus I love any excuse for a celebration. February was Sofia’s half birthday. We got her half a cake, put up fairy lights and birthday decorations. We did a little pizza party dinner and I bought her a couple of little presents.

Watching Trainspotting 2
It was a real treat to catch Danny Boyles incredible sequel. If you liked the first Trainspotting film you should definitely check this out. It has a great story, some really neat visual tricks and a fantastic soundtrack. It already feels like a bit of a cinema classic.

Valentine’s Day
We didn’t get the chance to go out for Valentine’s Day this year. Who am I kidding we never get to go out for Valentine’s day! Instead we had a lovely candlelit dinner at home once the kids were in bed. It was simple and special – who needs a fancy restaurant when you are with the person you love!

My Valentine’s Day flowers, they lasted for a really long time (there is a metaphor in there somewhere!)

Fun and chilled half term
Half term came at just the right time for us. The boys got a chance to rest and recover from being ill. We all enjoyed not having the early starts and military routine of school mornings. The weather was quite mild so we got to hang out in the park a lot. We even had a picnic! We did a lot of happy pottering about – visiting the library, our local garden centre and local cafe. It was all very low key and just what we needed.

Chilling in a cafe!

Getting a new car
The upside of the car disaster was it meant that we have bought a new car. We went for a Kia Carens. I’ll be honest I’d never heard of this model before but I’m loving it. It runs really nicely and still has that lovely new car smell. It is good to be able to drive to places as a family again. The kids are calling it Karen the Car. Sofia is even desperate to give it eyelashes!

Making some progress on my money saving mission
I’ve been really committed to my money saving goal. I have found lots of ways to spend a lot less than I normally do. Although needing to buy a car was a big financial hit that we could have done without! I’m planning to do a blog post soon about the steps to improve my finances.

Bring on March!
I’m looking forward to spring arriving and spending more time outside.

Sam and Leo enjoying a time outside. I’m really looking forward to getting more fresh air as the weather gets warmer.

Sofia has a dance show and a teacher consultation at school this month. I am also really looking forward to having some nice family time for Mother’s Day!

Have you had a good February?  What are you looking forward to in March?

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