Goodbye June, Hello July

Wow what a rollercoaster June was! Here’s my round up of the past month and some things that I’m looking forward to in July.

Good bye June, Hello July

Solo parenting week – Rolando was away in the USA for 8 days at the beginning of June. This was the longest I’ve looked after the kids on my own and was a really full on week. At times we thrived, at times we just about survived but overall I’m proud of how I coped.

The EU referendum – I think the build up to the vote and the result has taken me through the whole spectrum of emotions. I’m not sure any of us could really have predicted all of the political and social fall out of the vote. It feels like such a pivotal moment for our country and very different to any election I’ve ever participated in (I’ve written a few of my thoughts on Brexit here).  In a way I’m still processing where this vote leave us as a country and looking for some strong leadership to bring our country together.

Illness – we’ve had a few health issues this month. Sam has had an ear infection and I’ve had a couple of days in bed fighting off a virus.

Britmums Live 2016 – I had a great chance to attend BML2016 my second blogging conference. It was fantastic to see my blogging buddies, meet some great new people and get some ideas and inspiration for my blog. My write up of BML is here.

Spectacles, Sue Perkins – I love a good autobiography! This months I’ve been enjoying Spectacles by Sue Perkins. It’s a fun and quirky read. Some of her stories, especially those about her family, made me laugh out loud.

I’m hoping that July will bless us with some fantastic weather – it feels that summer really kicked in yet.

End of term  – July is all about end of term activities and getting ready for the summer holidays. We had Sofia’s sports day on the 1st July which was fun even though I wasn’t feeling too well. We also have Sofia’s school production to look forward to. I can’t believe that the boys have nearly finished their first year at preschool – it has absolutely flown by and they have really enjoyed their time there.

I really need to do a bit of planning to get ready for the 6 weeks holidays. There is a holiday club that Sofia wants to attend and I will organise her a course of intensive swimming lessons at our local pool. We also need to get organised and booked a holiday.

Fitness hooping – I keep reading about how fitness hooping is great for your core muscles (hey it works for Beyoncé!). I really want to work on the toning my abs and taming my mum tum. I’ve been getting some information from a friend of mine who is a power hoop instructor and I’ve bought myself a fitness hoop. I’m setting myself a challenge to do 5 minutes hooping twice a day. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert – I love the book Eat, Pray, Love and really like the sound of this book by the same author Elizabeth Gilbert. It looks at the idea of living creatively and tuning into your natural curiosity. I downloaded a sample on my kindle yesterday and am already hooked. I’m hoping this will be a really inspiring read.

Here’s to a great month!  What are your plans for July?

7 thoughts on “Goodbye June, Hello July

  1. Ahh what a lovely round up! I now feel like j should sit down and write out my June as it was crazy with a new arrival 🙂 July is going to be manic as one finishes pre school and Daddy goes back to work ? Haha x

  2. Busy month, indeed, well done on coping solo, it is really tough, isn’t it?
    Hope July will bring better weather and better health for you all.xx

  3. My gosh you’ve been busy the past month haven’t you?

    Every one is raving about Britmums. I dread to think what would happen if I was left for 8 days with my bunch lols

  4. It has been an up and down month hasn’t it! July is meant to be sunny and full of outdoor fun but it is slow coming. We have camp bestival and a holiday to look forward to at the end of July…I cannot wait!

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