Goodbye manky carpet

Our manky living room carpet is no more! And I am so happy to see the back of it! Pre-kids we had a lovely, pristine cream living room carpet. 3 kids later our cream carpet was completely trashed. It has had everything under the sun spilt onto it – juice, ketchup, soup, tea, coffee the list is completely endless. Then there was potty training, the less said about that the better!

After a particularly bad incident with some chocolate birthday cake I bought a carpet washing machine. It did a good job of cleaning up spills but I was getting sick of having to keep using it.  The spot that I’d blitzed would always looked cleaner than the rest of the carpet, highlighting the general grossness. The manky carpet was making the whole living room look a bit grubby. No matter how much I cleaned the living room never looked like I wanted it to.

Sam decorating the carpet with jam stolen from the fridge

One Friday a couple of weeks ago I snapped. Lets just say a toilet accident happened. The guilty party will remain nameless (no it wasn’t me!). Rather than scrubbing away the inevitable stain and smell I decided that the carpet had to go. I tend to think that once you decide to do something you should just to go for it. So the kids and I spent the next couple of hours ripping up the carpet and underlay. We quickly discovered that it is actually quite hard to take up carpet especially when you don’t have any of the right tools! But with brute force and kitchen scissors we managed it. Even though this temporarily left us with a black sealed concrete floor it was such a relief to throw away the manky carpet. Rolando got a surprise when he got home from work.

We decided that a hard floor would be much more practical than a new carpet. I spent the next week ordering lots of wooden flooring samples. After a lot of deliberation we decided to go for engineered oak from Homebase. Luckily when we popped into store we found some solid wood flooring that we liked that was on special offer. We snapped it up straight away. It took two trips in the car to get it all home but I love a bargain!

That’s better!

Luckily Rolando is a carpenter. So while I spent a day out having fun and eating ice cream with the kids Rolando laid the new wooden floor. Cleanliness has been restored! The living room looks so much better. I can wipe up everyone’s spills much more easily. I just do a quick sweep once a day to keep on top of the fluff and dirt that seems to appear from nowhere. How gross to think that all of this gunk was getting trapped in our carpet.

Only one thing left to sort out……..does anyone want to buy a carpet shampooing machine?!

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