Goodbye October, Hello November

Wow what happened to October! I feel like time flies past so fast at the moment. We have had a few mishaps this month (smashed phone, a selection of illnesses plus I did my back in). Even so we have more good days than bad. Here are our monthly highlights…….

October is birthday month in our family. The biggest highlight of our October were the twins turning 4. It felt like quite a milestone and they look and sound more grown up everyday. We had lots of fun on their birthday taking them out for pizza and ice cream. I marked their day on the blog by writing a birthday letter to Sam and Leo. It feels like an achievement for me and Rolando too. We have survived 4 years as parents to twins and their big sister and we have our sanity mostly intact!


My birthday was this month too. I marked getting another year older by posting “37 things I know for sure.” My Mum, Dad and Sister joined us for a lovely birthday meal. We went to an international all you can eat buffet. The kids thought they were in heaven eating a really weird combination of food especially when they spotted the chocolate fountain in the desert section!

Dressing up for Halloween is a big tradition for our family. We had lots of fun dressing up in Pokemon theme costumes (because everyone needs a gigantic Pikachu onsie in their life!). Here are our Halloween family photos.


My challenge for October was to take part in Blogtober – a project to write another post everyday of the month on a given theme. I’m quite proud that I was able to keep up and just about managed to publish a new post everyday. It was also was a great opportunity to read the blogs of other Blogtober participants and discover some great new writers. Don’t worry I am not going to keep bombarding you with daily post I’m not organised enough to keep up with daily blogging!

A Year of Living Danishly
This month I’ve been reading “A Year of Living Danishly” by Helen Russell. It is about an English couple who relocate from hectic lives in London to a small town in rural Denmark. Denmark is consistently rated as the happiest country in the world and the author sets out to explore why. I haven’t quite finished it yet but it is utterly fascinating! The support available for bringing up children is mind-blowingly good with very heavily subsidised or free childcare. There is a culture of short working hours with the average working week being 34 hours.

Some very random facts I have learnt about Denmark:

  • They love watching Midsummer Murders – it is the highest rating overseas programme in Denmark.
  • There are more pigs than people
  • They are very open about sex and 41% of Danish adults have been dogging (yes, you did read that right I couldn’t believe this either! Warning if you don’t know what dogging is do not Google it!)

Things we are up to in November
It is a month of B’s – bonfire night, Blogfest and baking!

Bonfire night
I’m really looking forward to Bonfire night this year. There is a big fireworks display on Midsummer Common in the centre of Cambridge on Saturday that we are planning to go to. Since the twins have been born me and Rolando have taken it in turns to go with Sofia (as the boys were a bit too young to deal with the cold and the crowds). This year as bonfire night falls on a Saturday we are all going to go. The boys have seen smaller local fireworks displays but this will be their first really big firework experience. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces. I just hope we are okay with the cold and the kids don’t get too freaked out by the noise.

I’ve been really lucky to get a last minute ticket to Blogfest. A blogging conference in London run by Mumsnet. I went last year and there was some really fantastic speakers. I’m looking forward to seeing some of my blogging friends again in real life.

I got a lovely kitchen mixer from Rolando for my birthday (all those hints while watching the Bake Off have paid off!). I’m going to channel my inner Mary Berry to do lots of baking. This week I’ve been trying to master the art of baking bread. It’s proving to be a little bit trickier than I anticipated. I burnt my first loaf and my second was half raw! Now armed with a book on bread making I have made a batch of really tasty rolls. Next up attempting a lemon drizzle cake.

Apart from that I’ll be doing some organising ready for Christmas. We have a family tradition of doing Advent Activities, little Christmas related tasks each day so I’ll be planning these ready for December.

What have you got planned for November?

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