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In the rush of New Years resolutions it is easy to focus on giving things up. I wanted to share something that I do with my daughter that you might want to add to your day instead. This is our favourite things book – a kid friendly version of a gratitude diary.

I am fairly obsessed with gratitude and the power of being grateful for what you have in your life. I read a great book last year called The Gratitude Diaries (by Janice Kaplan) that looked at why gratitude is so beneficial. It really stuck with me.

I wanted to keep a gratitude diary myself and then I had the idea of including my daughter as well. My daughter is 7 and the term gratitude was a bit abstract for her so we call it our favourite things book (rather than gratitude diary).

This is our favourite things book - our kid friendly version of a gratitude journal.
This is our favourite things book – our kid friendly version of a gratitude journal.

This is a great excuse to buy fabulous stationary (as if I need one). I got this gorgeous notebook from Paperchase. I love the birds and butterflies design has little metallic and 3D touches. It has a magnetic clasp and a ribbon to mark the pages plus the beautiful design is printed on the inside of the covers too.

The idea is very simple. As part of our normal bedtime routine we get out our favourite things book and we both write down what the best thing was about our day.   Sometimes something really jumps out – having a friend over for a play date, going out for lunch, going swimming. Sometimes it throws up tiny little details from the day that might otherwise be forgotten. Sofia has things like seeing a rainbow, singing a song at school, her brother chasing her while she was on her scooter.

My entries include things like seeing the twins faces when they opened their birthday presents, completing a challenging task in my job, the kids getting involved on a trip to the supermarket, that I got some extra sleep, seeing a beautiful sunset on my cycle home from work.

Looking back on earlier entries right now to write this post makes me feel so happy.

I love it that we take a moment to find the good in each day – even if it has been a bit of a nightmare day you can always find something to write down. I find it also makes me look out for good moments in the day. I’m paying attention to make sure that I have something to put in the book.

I love how this is another way to connect with Sofia. It is a great way of getting a bit of an insight into what is going on with her. Sofia is not always the best at telling me about what she is up to at school. Filling in our book often throws up some gems of information about good things that she has done. It also just gives me a little bit of understanding about what she loves and what really makes a difference for her. It often generates some really interesting conversations. I did read somewhere that if you want to raise grateful kids you should model gratitude yourself and I think this habit helps to do that.

In the craziness of Christmas we haven’t been filling in our book as regularly as we normally would do and I genuinely missed it. January seems like a good time to get back to refocus on this lovely part of our bedtime routine.

Feeling inspired buy yourself a lovely note book and give it a try. It only takes a couple of minutes to and the pay back is fantastic.

Do you do something like this with your kids? I’d love to know any variations that you have on this idea or any gratitude activities that work for you. Please let me know if the comments section below.

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Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

17 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal for kids

    1. Thank you – It really shines the light on the lovely little things in every day. I’d totally recomend it!

    1. Thank you Franca – let me know if you try this with Bella, I’d love to hear if it works for you guys!

  1. This is such a lovely idea. I might try it with my daughter, although she’s not quite 4 but I find it difficult getting her to tell me about her time at nursery so maybe this would help. Also love Paperchase and stationery so what more excuse do I need! #KCACOLS
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